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I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I've always wanted one, but I'm not one for pain. Should I get one??

Latest Posti have one here
by bernard 
Shirtless travel

Have any of you taken an overnight trip and taken no shirts with you, including not wearing one? If so, where did you go? I never have but would like to try it sometime.

how have you told your friends that...

I'm curious as to how guys have told their friends that they're a nudist? It's something we all do (probably) at some point, so I'm curious as to how people have done it and how their friends have reacted. For instance, I just visited...

Shirt for the Gym

Since most public gyms require men to wear shirts, what kind of shirt do you wear to the gym? I always wear a sleeveless shirt. Wish I could work out shirtless. I have 3 I have made myself by starting with an old t, cutting of the sleeves, opening up...

Pee shy?

Is anybody out here in the world pee shy? It boggles the mind but I have no problem walking around on the beach all day, walking around the house all day, but when I am out in the tex world and have to pee in a non-private room I get pee shy.

Kik Group

Hi all, I'm going to start a new kik group as had one on here a while ago but lots of lurkers and not much activity. They are great when they work and people are involved and chat. Message me on there if you want to be added and you must do a...

Wearing underwear

I could see why woman like going braless , after going nude or commando I find it uncomfortable to wear underwear , and I doint have a big package

gay in the chat

how come when im in chat and I ask if any gay guys want to chat others seem to get upset or pissed then block or ban me for my question?

Penisring at the beach ?

Hey guys, Maybe its me or just a weird question, But yesterday when i arrived at the local "nudie" beach, at guy went by and he got a penisring on, Of course I know what these are for or what sitiuation it can be useful .. I have been...

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