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Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

How many men on this site are restoring their...

After doing my research on restoring foreskin and learning about in main function covering the glans!! I started my journey to recover what was taken from me as an infant!! Is there any men out there that feel the same??

No Swimwear

Who here only swims nude and owns no swimwear? I do own some and suspect I always will since there are places I like to go that are not clothing optional and there are people I want to be with who are not nude tolerant.

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Gay Tantra Brotherhood

Hey, join our 'Gay Tantra Brotherhood' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! This group is specifically for men who have interest in Tantra, spirituality and male/male or Gay sexuality! :)

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Underwear Free

About a year ago, I stopped wearing underwear and got rid of all that I owned. I had been wearing it less and less for some time before that, especially after I retired. Who else doesn't own any underwear at all?

#HeToo For Male survivors of sexual assault

Joining this site has been quite healing/helpful for me. I was violently sexually assaulted as a teenager. It colored my life. I have been terrified of being in proximity to any naked males since. I doubt I am the only one- so if anyone needs to talk...

My First Ever Nude Experience

There was once a time when I did not know of the freedom I could feel. My first experience with nudity, both public and private, was when I was 8 years old.Most people thought I was gay, others mocked me but I just didn't care. It all started...


How many here would have taken up nudism if they knew that they were born with reproductive organs that are not average.I have monorchidism. I was born with only one testicle. As far as I know my left testicle never developed when I was in my...

Clothing donation

It has been a year since I went thought my clothes to determine what I no longer need. Got rid of a bag full, mostly shirts and sweaters. Still surprised me that I own more shirts than shorts and slacks combined, since I am shirtless much more often...

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Longest Time Shirtless

For those of us men who don't live in a clothing optional community, there are a lot of situations where shorts are necessary but shirts are not. In light of that, what is the longest you have been continuously shirtless? My record is 4 days, but...

Why are so many Nudists middle-aged men?

I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this site (and others) seem to be frequented predominantly by middle-aged men. If I were to guess, I would say that the ratio of single males to all others is probably about 10-1.I understand some of...

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