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My wife embarassed about nudity

I like to be nude, but my wife not so much. She will walk around the bedroom nude but that's it. I would be nude all the time, but I do not feel comfortable for her when I walk around the house nude.

Need to be Naked

I think a true sign of a Nudist or as I prefer living naked. I came home yesterday from 5-day family trip for Christmas. I was of course naked sleeping and in the/my room but not naked otherwise. Very nice trip but I had a deep need to get home and...

Living in a Houseld of Non-Nudists

I am the only nudist in my household and it is difficult to find time to get naked or even to get away to get naked. I guess I am pretty sly and sneaky considering I have never been caught. Any of you have the same issue?

Any of you men own or use a loincloth?

I know it's clothing, but at SOME point, you have to put something on.Always thought they'd be more prevalent, but never really see anyone else into them... Just wondered.


How many here would have taken up nudism if they knew that they were born with reproductive organs that are not average.I have monorchidism. I was born with only one testicle. As far as I know my left testicle never developed when I was in my...

How do you manage to not erect

How do you manage to make it not erect cos when ever I'm nude it goes wild? Any tips

Minimal Clothing Supply

Saw that someone started a thread in the ladies room asking for women to post their clothing inventory to see who has the smallest supply. Since I am a relatively recent and limited part time nudist, mine is too long to list, but I am wondering how...

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Looking for male only sauna /steam/baths in...

Hi, I'm looking for a sauna or steam room in the Manchester area where i can be naked with other men but is not a gay sauna.I'd love an old-style Turkish baths but these are seemingly all closing down to make way for fancy spas, such as the...

more about my uptight roommate

I genuinely thought he had left, and I came out, naked, to refill my bottle of water. He came down stairs. I said I was sorry, and he ignored me or didn't hear me. (He does genuinely have hearing loss from listening to music as loud as he does.)...

Any lads want to nude chat?

Any lads fancy a nude cam chat sometime? Add me on here or message for Skype.

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