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Have any guys done nude modeling or any kind of modeling at all?

Father and son photography

I'm a photographer and would like to do some father/son photography. The son needs to be of age please. I will not photograph minors. If interested, please contact me

Changing in front of a friend

I just want to hear other peoples' experiences with sharing a naked moment with a close friend, whether it be changing in a locker room or just changing in front of each other in general. I'll never forget my first timechanging with my best...

Anyone been on a men's nude sailing...

I'm considering a weeklong trip with for next summer; any tips would be appreciated!

Gynecomastia or Tummy Tuck Surgery

Hi fellow nudist males. Im considering having a procedure to reduce my chest and remove a bit of excess skin (80 pound weight loss). Have any other fellow nudists ever had any of these procedures and might be willing to share their experience? Thank...

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Doctor visits

Just how undressed does your doctor require you to be when you have a checkup? I am overdue to have one, but I do remember other than a very brief drop my trousers for the prostatecheck I was fully clothed in street clothes. It seems to me that if a...

Massage South Australia

Hey Im new to massage but I have a table and oil. looking for guys that would like a free nude massage

Don't know what to do... Please help

Hi everyone. I would spend time deep in the woods by myself from age 8-15. Nobody around at all and get nude. I would always get an erection. Breezes and warm sunlight on my body would make me feel alive. Later in life (mid 20's to mid 30's)...


As men there are many times when we can be shirtless even if we can't be nude. I take advantage of that in warm weather. I generally put a shirt on when I arrive at the place that requires one and remove it as soon as I am out the door. Who else...

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