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BODY piercings

What are your reactions in nude situations if you have genital piercings? I am multi pierced and not an issue at gay events I go to. I was of great interest to many folks at NEW ORLEANS NAKED BIKE RIDE,,, even spectators commented on me, and also at...

Fellow Airbnb guest

I am staying for a couple of nights in Kuwait. Another guest is from Baltimore and him and I sat up and chatted . Somehow malls and shopping came up and I said I don't shop at them and pretty well outfit myself as needed from used clothing...

Just another Into being new and a sample of a...

Aj24HrNudist1965 You are very much welcome. I hope we find occasion to chat about things that really matter to us hey... Cheers from Central Victoria (Laanecoorie) Victoria Australia... You can also find me on Facebook, provided you care to use it...

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Surprising how many men have mentioned wearing underwear in this forum and related groups. I would have expected that most male nudists do not. For those of you who usually wear underwear when you are clothed, why do you do so?

Barriers to Nudity

What are some of your barriers to being nude? Work, family at home... Just wondering what kinds of obstacles others face and what kinds of ways you employ to overcome the obstacles. Two biggest ones for me are, kids and work. Im probably luckier than...

Meeting in London today

Any one up for meeting in London today?

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VT/NH this Summer

Now that summer is finally here... would love to meet other men in VT/NH who prefer hanging out/hiking/yoga naked. Say hello!

How Active?

Hi Men Was just wondering how active are the fourms and things on here before I join?

Sauna on the cruise ship

Over the years I've had several trips on a cruise ship. Most locker roooms have a sauna only for men. On the ship where I was last week there even was a steam room too. I've cruised with this company a few years ago and practically all men...