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Nudist Housemate in San Diego

Hi - Im looking for a nudist housemate. Im always naked at home and would like to find another nudist guy to share home with. Im easy-going, quiet and clean. Let me know if interested. Thanks!

Solo nudism: is it really that bad?

I was recently thinking back to my "single nudist" years. Mostly, I hated them. But then I started thinking about the differences between my life now and those years. And asking myself: "Was it really that bad?" Back then, if I...


Hi friends, finally I decided to do my first nude photoshoot. I'm looking for expierenced photographers. If you know one please let me know ????

Nude in gym locker room

I'm new to going to a gym. They have showers but I don't see anyone using them. I live a long distance away and would like to shower when I get done with my workout. I see lots of complaints on the internet about older guys walking around...

nude swim

hi went to my first nude swim at the weekend i really enjoyed it it was a mixed swim

As nudist/naked men do you live totally...

Since we're all nudist/naked guys that like/need to be naked as much as possible - are you normally completely naked? What I mean is no socks, no robes, no slippers no other accessories. I always live completely barefoot balls flopping naked all...

Transition to Nudist

Before you became a nudist, did you go through a period of wearing minimal clothing? Examples would be sleeping nude, going shirtless wherever it was possible to do so, wearing shorts whenever it was warm enough, going commando,wearing brief...

anyone had a on line check up form dr on...

anyone had a on line check up form dr on here as i would like to try one and if out what need to do and as iot would more fum that going to my nomal dr my skype is icerobbo02

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Nude Male to Male Massage

"For adult and open minded men who want to help bring back TOUCH to society, particularly in a male life cycle, as means of integration, healing, support, validation, affection, full presence and attention, leading to brotherhood, gregarious...

Any of you dudes know SQL?

Sometimes I have questions and my "NORMAL"* friends all go to bed earlier than I do. *it's a near proven fact that internet friends tend to stay up way later than friends you see day to day.