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Sauna on the cruise ship

Over the years I've had several trips on a cruise ship. Most locker roooms have a sauna only for men. On the ship where I was last week there even was a steam room too. I've cruised with this company a few years ago and practically all men...

Any lads want to nude chat?

Any lads fancy a nude cam chat sometime? Add me on here or message for Skype.

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by pr1025pr 

When you have to wear a swimsuit, what do you wear. Speedo solar has been my choice in the past, but since I stopped wearing underwear I find it very constricting even though the coverage is minimal. Any suggetions?

If ya gotta wear a swimsuit, baggy pants or...

Man, I hate those baggy, calf length shorts they call a swimsuit these days!!! How can anyone be so modest? I got some laughs at a water park for wearing a speedo but at least it doesn't pour water for an hour after I get out and keep me cold til...

Gym changing room

Guys do you walk around naked in the gym changing room or towel to cover your privates ?

nude swim

hi went to my first nude swim at the weekend i really enjoyed it it was a mixed swim


Hi friends, finally I decided to do my first nude photoshoot. I'm looking for expierenced photographers. If you know one please let me know ????

Hairy bodies. Yes or No?

I'm a hairy guy. How many others are there? Should I trim? Shave? Leave it alone?

Gay nudist holiday

I am currently researching about a nudist holiday somewhere that is gay friendly. Does anyone have any tips or advice as to where I can go. I want to try somewhere hot, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to PM me. Tah chaps ;)

Nude Male to Male Massage

"For adult and open minded men who want to help bring back TOUCH to society, particularly in a male life cycle, as means of integration, healing, support, validation, affection, full presence and attention, leading to brotherhood, gregarious...

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