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Just another Into being new and a sample of a...

Aj24HrNudist1965 You are very much welcome. I hope we find occasion to chat about things that really matter to us hey... Cheers from Central Victoria (Laanecoorie) Victoria Australia... You can also find me on Facebook, provided you care to use it...

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Surprising how many men have mentioned wearing underwear in this forum and related groups. I would have expected that most male nudists do not. For those of you who usually wear underwear when you are clothed, why do you do so?

Barriers to Nudity

What are some of your barriers to being nude? Work, family at home... Just wondering what kinds of obstacles others face and what kinds of ways you employ to overcome the obstacles. Two biggest ones for me are, kids and work. Im probably luckier than...


As men there are many times when we can be shirtless even if we can't be nude. I take advantage of that in warm weather. I generally put a shirt on when I arrive at the place that requires one and remove it as soon as I am out the door. Who else...

As nudist/naked men do you live totally...

Since we're all nudist/naked guys that like/need to be naked as much as possible - are you normally completely naked? What I mean is no socks, no robes, no slippers no other accessories. I always live completely barefoot balls flopping naked all...

Meeting in London today

Any one up for meeting in London today?

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Nude in gym locker room

I'm new to going to a gym. They have showers but I don't see anyone using them. I live a long distance away and would like to shower when I get done with my workout. I see lots of complaints on the internet about older guys walking around...

The Great C**kring Debate

Hi all, I'm almost sure that this has been discussed before, but, I'm very interested to know, what are your thought about nude men wearing a cockring in public? Do you find it offensive, or acceptable? I am very curious to hear your...

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by alain7b5 
VT/NH this Summer

Now that summer is finally here... would love to meet other men in VT/NH who prefer hanging out/hiking/yoga naked. Say hello!

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