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Choosing to be nude in exam room before your...

Hey there! I was just wondering if any of you have chose to completemly undress for an appointment in the exam room before the doctor has entered. Just mentione why you did and what doctor you did it for. Anyone do it on first visit ever with a...

Pee shy?

Is anybody out here in the world pee shy? It boggles the mind but I have no problem walking around on the beach all day, walking around the house all day, but when I am out in the tex world and have to pee in a non-private room I get pee shy.

As nudist/naked men do you live totally...

Since we're all nudist/naked guys that like/need to be naked as much as possible - are you normally completely naked? What I mean is no socks, no robes, no slippers no other accessories. I always live completely barefoot balls flopping naked all...

Airbnb nudist friendly rooms in Buenos Aires

Hello nudist fellows! I'm Eric from Buenos Aires, i got an Airbnb room in my 2 bedroom apartment to offer if you are planning to visit ArgentinaI enjoy sharing my place and hang out with other nudist males, im open minded and easy going. So feel...

Latest Post
The Woods

Anyone going up to the Woods, in Pa. this opening week? Ive never been and was trying to get up there one day after work; on one of the warm days were supposed to have.

New York city Social nudists

Looking to hang out nude with other New York nudists.NYC being such a big city it seems nudists here are a bit shy to hang out with other men lets change that

Latest Postlets do it!
by VinnyDProject 
Nude Male to Male Massage

"For adult and open minded men who want to help bring back TOUCH to society, particularly in a male life cycle, as means of integration, healing, support, validation, affection, full presence and attention, leading to brotherhood, gregarious...

Sauna on the cruise ship

Over the years I've had several trips on a cruise ship. Most locker roooms have a sauna only for men. On the ship where I was last week there even was a steam room too. I've cruised with this company a few years ago and practically all men...

Need help finding a thread or group or...

Isn't there a roommate group or forum or something around here? I can't find it.

Skin reduction

Have any of you guys had skin reduction surgery? I'm getting to the point where I am losing enough weight that I may need to consider it but I'm not sure what it even looks like afterwards in regards to the fur, you know?

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