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New Nudes

Hello guys. I'm a photographer. I would love to help y'all out with some new nude photos if anyone is interested.


When you have to wear a swimsuit, what do you wear. Speedo solar has been my choice in the past, but since I stopped wearing underwear I find it very constricting even though the coverage is minimal. Any suggetions?

Heart to Heart with Stevie Ray

So Stevie Ray says to me today, " So whats with the titty taboo on TN!What do you mean Titty taboo!You know.... like you cant talk about them know... they're titties! It's wrong!.I have like....8 What T F is the big...

Uncut penis embarrassed

I'm uncut american male, is that embarrassing to other intact a.erican men

Gym changing room

Guys do you walk around naked in the gym changing room or towel to cover your privates ?

Airbnb nudist friendly room in Buenos Aires

Hello nudist fellows! I'm Eric from Buenos Aires, i got an Airbnb room in my 2 bedroom apartment to offer if you are planning to visit ArgentinaI enjoy sharing my place and hang out with other nudist males, im open minded and easy going. So feel...

Male nudists needed for photo project in...

Aloha guys, I'm a professional photographer living in tropical Kalapana, Hawaii. Current art photography work is projecting images onto the naked body and then photographing it. I have posted some pics here. And in my profile pics. Looking for...

Penis rings

What's the go with penis rings, I have seen a few people wearing them. What is their specific use?????

To compliment or not, gay vs straight.

Good afternoon men, Just a general question of interest, at least to me, that I would like throw out there and see what comments come back. I have spent a better part of 30 years working in theatrical costuming industry and general sewing. A large...

Grupo nudista y exhibicionistas en whatsapp

Ls idea del grupo es compartir fotos y videos de experiencias nudistas y exhibicionistas y conocee gente. Este es un grupo de filtro. Si quieres entrar al grupo solo para nudistas. escribeme en privado....