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Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

Weight loss?

Hey everyone,I'm trying to lose weight and man it's hard. Does anyone have any tips on good workout regimes or healthy eating?

Nude Male to Male Massage

"For adult and open minded men who want to help bring back TOUCH to society, particularly in a male life cycle, as means of integration, healing, support, validation, affection, full presence and attention, leading to brotherhood, gregarious...

Why are you shaved?

I am wondering why some men prefer to shave their pubic hair. I know some will say because they like to look, feel etc, or their significant other likes the look/feel etc. But, especially for the older nudists, I wonder how many shave to hide the...

Minimal Swimsuits

Not quite nude but very close. There seem to be a lot of briefer than speedo swimsuits (string side and/or partial or no back covering) for sale on line, but I almost never see a man wearing one in a public setting. Has anyone else noticed this and...

Too warm to be anything but boldly naked

Met my roomie for the next leg of my journey. Brit close to my age. When we came back from dinner and were ready to crash, our room was stuffy and the bed only had a comforter cover, no sheet, it was too warm to do anything but boldly strip down and...

Male waxing

Looking to tidy up down below - combo of trimming and waxing... any suggestions on what looks good ? Any recommendations in London for salon?

What is 'Bromance' for you?

I have seen few groups up in here, I have read a lot about it and I am curious to know what's your view, opinion, experience about bromance? What is it for you? Have you ever had a bromance experience? Is it something related to nudism?

First time at Shangri-La Spa in Tampa

I happened to be in Tampa this weekend for a wedding so decided to try out Shangri-La Korean Spa. It was my first time at a Korean spa and it won't be my last time for sure. I didn't know what to expect from the outside of the place, but once...

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by orlgaynudist 
To compliment or not, gay vs straight.

Good afternoon men, Just a general question of interest, at least to me, that I would like throw out there and see what comments come back. I have spent a better part of 30 years working in theatrical costuming industry and general sewing. A large...

How did being 'not as endowed' make...

Walter w/ Q. to men of 'lesser' size. When first at a nudist place, aside from normal nervousness, did you worry because (as wwe all know) 'regular' society is about 'bigger' , that : 1. You'd feel all would be staring &...

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