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BODY piercings

What are your reactions in nude situations if you have genital piercings? I am multi pierced and not an issue at gay events I go to. I was of great interest to many folks at NEW ORLEANS NAKED BIKE RIDE,,, even spectators commented on me, and also at...

Underwear Free

About a year ago, I stopped wearing underwear and got rid of all that I owned. I had been wearing it less and less for some time before that, especially after I retired. Who else doesn't own any underwear at all?

Textile Truenudists Poll

I would like to poll all members on their personal thoughts on members posting only clothed photos on TN. kinda defeats our purpose. Not to mention I feel they are just looky-loos. Should it be a requirement? Comments....

Uncut penis embarrassed

I'm uncut american male, is that embarrassing to other intact a.erican men

Minimal Clothing Supply

Saw that someone started a thread in the ladies room asking for women to post their clothing inventory to see who has the smallest supply. Since I am a relatively recent and limited part time nudist, mine is too long to list, but I am wondering how...


I have some thoughts to share about underwear. There's an unspoken rule. It says guys wear guys clothes and girls wear girls clothes. Its what a lot of us are taught growing up and its what society tells us. I don't think we have to live by...

Fathers, sons and brothers sharing nudity

Just wondering how many guys out there have experienced hanging out nude with their fathers or brothers? If you have, what was the experience like for you? Was it a great experience, did it bring you closer to your father/brother , was it just ok, or...

Fellow Airbnb guest

I am staying for a couple of nights in Kuwait. Another guest is from Baltimore and him and I sat up and chatted . Somehow malls and shopping came up and I said I don't shop at them and pretty well outfit myself as needed from used clothing...

Just another Into being new and a sample of a...

Aj24HrNudist1965 You are very much welcome. I hope we find occasion to chat about things that really matter to us hey... Cheers from Central Victoria (Laanecoorie) Victoria Australia... You can also find me on Facebook, provided you care to use it...

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