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Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

Prince Albert?

Hi guys!I know theres already discussions on this topic but I was thinking about getting a PA and wanted to see what people thought about after they have gotten one.How is the healing process? Will I still be able to masterbate or have sex or do i...

The Great C**kring Debate

Hi all, I'm almost sure that this has been discussed before, but, I'm very interested to know, what are your thought about nude men wearing a cockring in public? Do you find it offensive, or acceptable? I am very curious to hear your...

Tan lines?

How many of y'all don't have any tanlines? I've been wanting to get rid of mind but they're stubborn as hell.

Wearing underwear

I could see why woman like going braless , after going nude or commando I find it uncomfortable to wear underwear , and I doint have a big package

Best shorts to wear when needed

Anyone have a suggestion for a pair of shorts to buy when I have to cover up. Looking for something to feel free but nothing that looks like I am trying to be an underwear model. Just something really thin and baggy.

Hairy bodies. Yes or No?

I'm a hairy guy. How many others are there? Should I trim? Shave? Leave it alone?

Gay nudist holiday

I am currently researching about a nudist holiday somewhere that is gay friendly. Does anyone have any tips or advice as to where I can go. I want to try somewhere hot, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to PM me. Tah chaps ;)

#1 rule of nudism

If it's inappropriate to say when they're clothed, it's DEFINITELY INAPPROPRIATE to say to them nude. I can't blame the women here for having their defences up. So many inappropriate comments made on pictures.

Transition to Nudist

Before you became a nudist, did you go through a period of wearing minimal clothing? Examples would be sleeping nude, going shirtless wherever it was possible to do so, wearing shorts whenever it was warm enough, going commando,wearing brief...

Men's nudist group for Oxford, UK?

Hallo. For some time now I have been trying to get a men's naturist group going around Oxford. This is because there is not much opportunity for nudism in the area and the local official nudist group is anti-'single males', so I thought...

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