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Shaving for nude beach

How many guys like to shave off all pubic hair before heading out to a nude beach or nude get together ?

Gay nudist holiday

I am currently researching about a nudist holiday somewhere that is gay friendly. Does anyone have any tips or advice as to where I can go. I want to try somewhere hot, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to PM me. Tah chaps ;)

Penis rings

What's the go with penis rings, I have seen a few people wearing them. What is their specific use?????

How did being 'not as endowed' make...

Walter w/ Q. to men of 'lesser' size. When first at a nudist place, aside from normal nervousness, did you worry because (as wwe all know) 'regular' society is about 'bigger' , that : 1. You'd feel all would be staring &...

Male 53 from boston seek new guys who are shy...

Hi guys im from the boston ma area. I am 5 ft 10 180 lbs. I am seeking new guys to the site from my area who are shy about being nude around others and need help. I am seeking curious guys who need a teacher in pleasuring another guy

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Uncut penis embarrassed

I'm uncut american male, is that embarrassing to other intact a.erican men

Starting to sleep nude

I would assume that since this is a nudist forum most of us sleep nude. When did you start and what did you wear to bed before that? I was a late starter because it was a long process of reducing sleepwear before I got there.Wore long PJ's year...

Nude painter

Hi Im looking for a painter to draw me naked Thanks

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Being shirtless in outdoor public spaces

Here in Georgia I noticed very quickly that taking my shirt off in public as a habit when it's hot outside wasn't really the same as in Florida. A example would be at outdoor music festivals or public parks. Mowing my front yard with a riding...

Shirts vs Skins in P.E.

Growing up 50 years ago in Jr. and High school we had team sports in P.E. Our uniforms were shoes, socks, jock strap, shorts and a white t-shirt. Out on the field one team would go shirtless, growing up in a clothed family it was a little hard...