People are strange

I find people strange with their views.

Take jono60 for instance, their profile page is blocked as private but have a picture lower half only no faces shown. Ok that is their right, when I wrote saying hi to see if we had anything in common, they replay as I do not have a photo they will not contact us even although my and my wife's profile is completed and we are willing to live cam.

Strange people in this world, our rules only!!

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RE:People are strange

Don't feel bad, I have had people 'block' me just because I said hello (like you have done) and they are listed as straight and I am listed as gay. Once again, perceptions and nudity is not the same as sexual nudity and nudists are nudists.

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RE:People are strange

Yes, many are strange.
I've had people block me.
I forget who and why.
Why do they hide behind a block?
Does it make them feel important?
Are they just frightened of a PM?
If anyone wants to know what is behind the block all you have to do is ask a friend to take a peek.
A Blocked profile does not stop you from interacting with them in the Forum.
Yes they are strange

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RE:People are strange

The heading to this set of posts sums it up. people are simply strange and often nothing is meant by it. Some people also push the wrong button and do X instead of Y accidentally and others like me have tried to upload photos and failed. So I suppose there is actual strangeness which we are all prone to and accidental strangeness arising from mishap or some other failure. Whatever we do, don't take it too personally!

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