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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Displaying nude photos at home

We don't really do it, but some of the nudist friends we visit have vacation shots, photos with friends, and other types hung on the walls and frames placed on tables and mantle pieces. Those who have places at nudist clubs or resorts keep them...

Nudism in India - Do couples agree to this

We are a couple trying to explore nudist fun with other couples for quite a long time. But unfortunately we have not been able to connect with like minded couples and we are not interested in singles at all. Maybe we are more of an Exhibitionist...

Discussing nudism in couples therapy

So my wife and I have been seeing a therapist (nothing major); and up to now nudism has only been brought up fleetingly. But at our last session, it ended up being the main topic. And my wife ended up "unpacking" quite a bit. She'd...

A nude cruise brought us closer

I was planning to do some research on the world of nudist resorts ... (A visit to a nudist resort would be very helpful ...) I tried reasoning with my wife. Him: "It's important for the book." Her: "Not happening." ...

What we can learn from Will Smith

I'm sure most of us (who are not living under a rock) are familiar with the Oscar debacle. The "slap heard around the world" as it is now called. Many of us nudist husbands have had some experience where someone made a comment, cracked...

Getting my girlfreind to become a nudist

So recently i started dating this woman i really like and i was thinking i should try to get her to become a nudist as well any ideas on how i should ?

Wife's idea

We just bought a house a few months ago and are painting rooms my wife shows her niece photos and has cough her twice now rooming through her other photos , I send my wife nude pics once or twice a week but she delete's them after looking she...

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by mikenshel 
Tingaki Kos Greece

We are going to Tingaki Kos on the 7 July for to weeks .If anyone is going there you can come and see us. Ann and Jon


This is a group for couples with bi husbands straight wifes that invite guys into their bedroom

Big Surprise and Shock

Hi Firstly before I start I mean no disrespect to anyone just a question I asked in the chat room here at TN why are there so many Bi men in couples that want m2m masturbation. Been on and off 12 yrs on this site and the chat is more LGBT than true...

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