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Who else loves showing off their wife.

Besides the awesome feeling of being nude and free I have to admit that a big reason I love nudism is the rush I get when my wife is naked in front of others at a beach or resort.....or I guess anywhere I can get her clothes off lol.

Social nudity and modesty.

I was having a chat with an online buddy not long ago, just shooting the breeze about our wives. And he surprised me a bit by relating to me his wife's "modest ways" (considering they've been nudists for 20-30 years). She is nude...

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what if Eve did not eat that apple?

what if Eve did not eat that apple would we all be naked? now everywhere?

Lakeside farm visit

Weve booked a weekend at Lakeside Farm near Spilsby in Lincolnshire arriving 15th Sept Are there any couples interested in meeting up for drinks in the hot tub?

I'm Ashamed of my Nudist Parents

"My childhood memories involve them doing normal parental activities in the nude, such as playing charades. ... When my friends come round they dont comment on it, which has led me to believe its normal, but after asking some of my school...


Hello I really wonder if couples people enjoy with single naked or only couples looking for couples! I'm single into naked with all couples and single and straight Nothing complicated! Thanks!

male female couples who enjoy bi-sex

There are a lot of guys and females on here whom are bi sexual or bi curious. Curious if it was easy to tell your partner about this and how accepting where they. Secondly does the partner perform this act separate from the other partner or as a...

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by Hollersloud 
Oaklake Trails

Any regulars at Oaklake Trails? We are there about once a month and love meeting new people- Paul and Amy

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Hubbies are nudist but wives don't...

Hi As per my personal experience with girls and women, i do feel girls are naturally nudist and exhibitionist but after reading few post and profile of men, most of the profiles read, husbands are nudist and wives either not nudist or don't...

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