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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Like to meet other couples in our area.

Hi, my wife and I would like to meet other nudist couples in our area to enjoy the nudist life style. We enjoy nude resorts, beaches and just hanging out with good friends, we are a active, fit mature couple in our 50's. We live in the antelope...

Any suggestions for a US resort for romantic...

We would like to consider a US resort for a romantic get-away. Does anyone have any suggestions that would have the least amount of inturuptions? No being hit on, etc.


I am new to nudism and have recently expressed my interest in it to my girlfriend, who open-mindedly agreed to accompany me to a nude beach next summer. There's a certain beach nearby that I've looked into, and it seems to be our best bet....

id like to meet fellow nudist in tampa

is there other sites for male single nudist to meet single nudist women for friendship

any couples have a single girlfriend

hi im Michael id like to meet a female nudist for a friendship and maybe more later ,but I wouldn't know how to go about it

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Telling my girlfriend I'm a nudist

Hi I'm a 29 year old nudist and enjoy it very much. However I feel that I need to tell my new girlfriend about but don't we the right time and place. We have been dating for about a month and I'm she will be receptive and open to the idea...

Couples - where one is an open nudist, the...

I realise that there are very valid reasons why some nudists don't want to be open about liking life better while naked - work, family etc. My partner is one of those, she's happy being nude at home and when we socialise with nudist friends,...

new couple to the site

Ok, so Ive been a 'closet' nudist for years. My wife and I disagree on the subject. She feels its being a perv, I dont. She recently said she didnt care if i go in the buff however, she said she never will. Im ok with it for now. But is there...

Nudismo en familia

Agradecera sus experiencias en el nudismo familiar. Un espacio para comentar sobre lugares seguros para practicar el nudismo en familia.

Post en espaol

Un lugar para contar sus experiencias nudistas como parejas.

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