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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Waxing vs Laser hair removal

Our question is this; we have have shaved all our married life 35 years, recently we decided to be waxed, it lasts longer, but the pain is getting greater each time, perhaps our ages. Who has gone from waxing to laser removal? We would appreciate...

North coast NSW

I think it would be a great idea to have a nude dinner and drinks and music theme night at home with a bunch of like minded people, sort of like a black tie evening , without the black tie of course ,

How to start?

We've a married couple in our early 30's. We want to try the nudist life, but do not know how/where to start. We don't want to all nudist resort because we might chicken out. We did some research on some "clothes optional"...

Reluctant GF

So I've been to a couple of nudist clubs before and even had some friends up until I met my current girlfriend, she early on wasn't totally against the idea but I never pursued it. Now flash forward many years later and I decided that I want...

First social nudism experience

Not sure which area we should post this in Newbie Nude, Things to do nude or Couples. But we did do it as a couple so here it is. We had heard of a local man that had been into nudism for many years but had drifted away from social nudism some, so I...

naked on isle of wight

Anyone here from the island that can help us both, very shy and nervous about being naked outdoors. We're thinking safety in numbers

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going nude at home when family arent nudists

hi folks I found the joys of naturism 2 years ago .my wife or family aren't nudists but I would like to start being nude more at home . none of my kids live with me now but my daughter is quite close and often visits. has anyone any advice as to...

stopping sand getting everywhere

looking for help as last year we went to gran canaria and spent time on the nudist beach and going again this june, we saw a couple with a what we can describe as a fitted bed sheet upside down so you are lying down inside and a canopy above, this...

Open marriage

Hey, folks I'm going to try posting this topic again. The last time someone brought this up, they got blasted for five pages of comments for trying to make this into a dating site. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST! I'm trying to bring up...

New to Florida!!!

New to Florida and would be nice to meet friendly mature couple!!!

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