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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Flag Fake Profile?

Ok everyone... I normally am pretty quiet, but have to ask your opinion. I recently returned from the Keys on a vacation and when I logged into TrueNudist, a couple from Key West, FL just got certified. so I thought I would send an email and say...

couple with a kid needing friends

hello all! I am a nudist father and my wife is a nudist mother. We live in michigan, and want to meet new people that share common interests. I am 26 she is 30. We would like to meet couples with child(ren) that are nudists and like to hang out nude....

so many restrictions

hello! i am alvin, 43. i'm an asian and i love being nude all the time. there are so many restrictions though in my country. if you do it in places where someone can see you, you will be regarded as weird or deviant. even my wife does not...

What women think of genital rings

I am thinking about trying to wear a ring around my equipment but I don't know if it would be better to talk to my wife about beforeor just surprise her with it. What do you ladies think about this?

just asked my gf

just asked my girlfriend about possibly going to hippie hollow (state park on lake travis) and try it out when it gets warm. kept it very casual and made sure to let her know i was interested in sharing the experience with her... she's reluctant...

Gay couples?

Although this profile is just for me, I was wondering whether there are any gay couples on here? When I search for couples, I only see straight ones. Are all the gay menon here single? lol

New couple

I've been on TN a couple of months as a male in a relationship. Now G/F has joined me and we are a couple on here. After reading several post on TN, here and in groups, about women not being interested in nudism makes me realize how lucky I am to...

Caliente Caribe Resort - Nudist or Swinger...

Whats going on with Caliente Caribe Resort & Spa? I keep hearing that if you aren't there when the swinger groups are there, it is boring ghost town? It looks so beautiful, but we aren't into the swinging, so we are a bit puzzled. Endre

What is a couple?

Just been in the chat room and an abundance of chat boxes popped up as they do, one of which was from a "couple", (checked the profile and there is a pic of a woman and one of the woman with a guy cuddling up behind her and one of him...

33yo straight guy looking for Sydney nudists

Hi i am new to Sydney and looking for other sydney nudists to socialise with in private and at Cobblers beach. Are you out there

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