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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

How many shave their partners?

We have a few times, not always but both enjoy shaving each other. She was real apprehensive about shaving the balls but has gotten the hang of it. Do you and your partner shave each other?

Why is your spouse reluctant

First I want to say my wife has made tremendous strides in feeling comfortable being nude socially. She sometimes gets upset when she sees someone gawking at me, but after a few minutes she is calm and having fun. WHY IS YOUR SPOUSE RELUCTANT? For...

Significant Other's that...

My GF is someone whom I would say "dabbles" in nudism. What I mean by that is that she is selective in when/where/how she goes nude. She is nude at home when she's in a nude mindset; likes tropical resort nudism, and has socialized nude...

Your opinion, Enjoying others seeing your SO...

A question for couples or once had a relationship where both were involved in social nudity.Do you or did you enjoy others seeing your significant other naked in social settings?After coming across numerous post on a couple different sites over time,...


Anyone been to Silverleigh nudist spa in Kent, if so, whats ur opinion, our first visit coming up in June

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From sauna to home

Hello,We are a couple with two daughters. Me and hubby both often go to sauna. Together with my parents. Now the four of us would like to go nude at home too. Also with our daughters. Anybody have any experience with going nude at home with family...

New Nudist Couple Saying Hello

Moving to Australia next year if all goes to plan. Hopefully we find some good spots! :ODon't have much to say; just exploring.Namaste

Rio's in London

I and wife will visit London a weekend in February, and we found that Rio's has couple nights, Does anyone know if these nights are nude, or do people walk around covered?

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Nudist resort in Spain

I am looking for people to travel, I live in Madrid, if you like nudity, see and be seen naked, without taboos and you want to spend a few days of vacation in hotel nudist Vera, Almeria, go for it. No problem with expenses. Good vibes.Busco gente...

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