Couple's Room

Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Sharing Photos of man and wife

We love taking photos and sharing with our nudist friends. It seems most that contact us fakes though, especially fake females. Wish we lived in a different world

How many shave their partners?

We have a few times, not always but both enjoy shaving each other. She was real apprehensive about shaving the balls but has gotten the hang of it. Do you and your partner shave each other?

Who else loves showing off their wife.

Besides the awesome feeling of being nude and free I have to admit that a big reason I love nudism is the rush I get when my wife is naked in front of others at a beach or resort.....or I guess anywhere I can get her clothes off lol.

Tom Petty

A thread Celebritng everything Tom Petty . We saw him last in 2016 , downtown Atlanta at the tabernacle with Mudcrutch . It's a old church turned Ito a music venue , very intimate and a musicians who 's who to play at.

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Blocking profiles , why and why not ?

I was inspired to start the thread from reading the thread *people are strange. That thread was specific to another user so my train of thought is why not start a thread for newbies and lifers to post basic reasons why blocking another's page...

Do naturists have the right idea raising kids...

. "Now a mom of both an 18-month-old girl and a 3-year-old boy ..."

Nudismo en familia

Agradecera sus experiencias en el nudismo familiar. Un espacio para comentar sobre lugares seguros para practicar el nudismo en familia.

What's in a name ? Fact , fiction or...

Just as a curiousity topic and conversation starter. What's the story behind yawl's username ? Who came up with it him or her or was it a joint venture ?I'll start , Hasbeens is a metaphor referencing having been there done that and have...

Partner new to nudism

I've been a nudist for most of my adult life (since I moved out of the parents home when I was 18). I have been with my current partner for about 2.5 years. He has known from the start that I am a nudist - I told him when we met. We spend a lot...


Hi were are a couple who thinks piercings " down there " are beautyful. pleas let us know how much it hurts =) and the best places,, and yes we are serious... best nude regards Rikke & Matin .. P.s. No single men.

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