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Got a message from Phil asking for information on how to pictures in the postings.
Here's how: See that little tree up thereon the Message tool bar, next to the smiley? Click it and an Insert/Edit Image box pops up. It's got three tabs and lots of boxes but the only one you absolutely need to fill is "Image URL."
"Image URL" is the net address of the picture you want to appear. Now that does mean that you have to be able to get your picture on the net somewhere. If you have your own website, that's easiest. Otherwise, you may want to use something like Flickr. If you see the photo someplace on the net, you can rightclick it (with Firefox anyway) a get a little dropdown menu. Click "Copy image location" and it will put in your clipboard what you want to paste in the Inset/Edit Image "Image URL" box.

PS. You can use the Copy image location trick to post photos from your collection here on truenudist. E.G.

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RE: Pix HowTo

Thanks a lot Captain! I'm still on win98, sohad to right click on the pic, left click on properties and copy the url from the properties box. then paste it in as you described. click insert and you may get a warning that says ........"Are you sure you want to continue without including an Image Description? Without it the image may not be accessible to some users with disabilities, or to those using a text browser, or browsing the Web with images turned off." ......click OK. If it comes up with "PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND" click on the "BACK" button, then go up and click on groups and come back to your post that way and it should be there!

Go take a look at "Loyal Furry Friend" :)

Thanks again Captain, I've been wondering how you do that for months :)


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