Hastings nude beach this summer

Hi guys,

So glad I found this website! I found the cutest secluded nude beach in Hastings last summer and was wondering if anyone on here will be going once the weather warms up?

Its split into two parts, first part is mixed and the second is the mens beach as you keep walking down. Its not the gay part but single men tend to go to that end. Also has some beautiful forest walks close by, not to mention the beautiful walk to get to the beach.

Hopefully see you guys their this year. Drop me a message as I tend to go once a week in the summer

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RE:Hastings nude beach this summer

Where is this beach? Is it Fairlight or is it actual Hastings?

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RE:Hastings nude beach this summer

Fairlight Cove, a long walk down from the Hastings Country Park car park (and even longer walk back as it's uphill all the way)! Some people walk along the shore from Hastings, but it's a long trek and you can get cut off by the tide. Don't go naked on the beach in Hastings itself ...

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RE:Hastings nude beach this summer

I visited Fairlight Cove for the first time this summer and it was amazing.
So many people of all ages and persuasions. Would highly recommend.
I think the hike to the beach puts off a lot of casual users.
Just don't setup too close to the cliff edge as it's literally crumbling in front of your eyes.

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