Travel to Italy 4/26-5/3

I'm coming to Italy in a little over a week. I am hoping to connect with some locals... both for nudism and for having places to crash.
I want to spend time in Rome, Florence, and Assisi. I have a connection in Assisi that I am waiting to hear back from, but specific dates and order of my trip are a bit flexible.
Just to clarify, because expectations of nudism are different for different people, I have a boyfriend and am not looking to hookup or mess around, just to make some new friends (and save some money on housing while I'm there).
Shoot me a message if you're able to host or want to play tour guide!


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RE:Travel to Italy 4/26-5/3

peccato averti conosciuto solo ora,. se ricapiti in Umbria / toscana fatti vivo sono una guida escursionistica naturalistica a presto

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