Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Bowen Ranch

As of December 2018, the owner of Bowen Ranch has ceased
overnight camping, only day use/pass is allowed ($10.00 per person).

An extra fee is charged if you fail to leave at the designated time.

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Getting There via Bradford Ridge Trail:

Guide to Deep Creek Hot Springs Hike

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Getting There via Bowen Ranch:

The site is a bit outdated but the directions are still good

Site has been updated.

new links

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Alternate Parking

Also, if you haven't been to Bowen Ranch recently, a lot has changed, such as parking structure, location, and fees.
Instead of writing it down, watch Wonderhussy's video

and take note of the changes and other options.

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Sooo, we went to Deep Creek Hot Springs this last weekend. We stayed at the new Bowen Ranch Campground. The owner there allows nudity and he even has a sign when driving in to the site that says get naked. And that we did. We had a travel trailer that had an outside shower which I even used one of the days. I hiked the whole way to the hot springs and back naked both Saturday and Sunday. When we first arrived day one, we came up to the site before you cross the river, and a few Hispanic families were there. Not an issue for me, but they were embarrassed and giggling. Additionally they all were swimming fully clothed, not even in a swim suite. It is the strangest thing to see. We crossed the stream and made our way through the first pool full of another family (also fully clothed) to the middle pool. This is the one that we prefer anyways as it is a bit warmer, but not as hot as the one above it. There was one couple and two other men there that were all nude. So we joined them for a while and soon after, a guy and four young ladies showed up. They had suits on, but soon one of the girls was mentioning to her friends that she wanted to get naked. After a while the guy decided to go ahead and get naked and they all soon joined him. They ended up even jumping off naked into the river below. Hopefully new nudist converts. There was another nude couple up high on the rocks just sun bathing. They had two of the coolest lab puppies that were swimming and climbing all over in the pools. I know they are technically not supposed to be in the pools but they were soo cute. We then got out and walked around past one of the other pools where another Hispanic family was (fully clothed). Again when I say fully clothed, I mean shirts undershirts pants and or shorts and even their normal shoes. This group actually hauled a full size DJ speaker so that they could blast ranchero music. It is just a shame those that decide to totally ruin the atmosphere of the place and then leave trash everywhere. After about another hour there were more and more fully clothed Hispanic families and less and less nude people. I have to applaud their efforts as they would haul large coolers and even speakers as before mentioned. We finally gave up and left hoping for a better day on Sunday. Sunday came and again I hiked down naked. Again showing up to a few Hispanic families fully clothed. We made our way to the middle pool which again there were a couple nudists there. This time however, about an hour or so into it, a whole bunch of these fully clothed families decided to join us in our pool. 3 generations of fully clothed people decided to pile in making it impossible for us to even move. They were all not so discreetly trying to take pictures intentionally to document the naked people. It was crazy. They were loud laughing and splashing and just having a great time. Something more appropriate at a public pool or beach. I literally was elbow to elbow with fully clothed grandma. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, they mostly all slowly left. From that pool you can see the trail in from Bowen ranch and we saw a steady stream of additional families on their way down. We saw our window of opportunity to get out of the pool without the need to do a naked crawl over clothed bodies ;-) we begrudgingly got out and waded across the river to start our journey back. I again hiked back naked. We had to hike past all of these families as they made their way down this very narrow path. As we would approach they would hide their eyes and then once they were past they would bust out laughing. They were all so extremely rude and obnoxious and left garbage everywhere. It is soo sad that it is coming to this. In spite of all the negatives, I still enjoyed the trip. I guess though you have to have the confidence to not give a #| about what others that do not get it may think.

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Try going mid-week. I'm hoping to get there and try the new place soon. It will be on a Tuesday=Thursday.

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RE:POST #6 JerryCA Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

In an ideal world, the ranch owner would confiscate all clothing (mandatory nudity: his property, his rules) once people arrived. That would solve most of the problems you encountered.

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

... Is this a good time to make this hike? Too cold?

Always check local weather.
During this time of year, daytime temps are ideal. Night time temps are cold, can get to 32F or below.

Be prepared!
If you're doing a day hike, bring supplies(water, food, etc) for 2 days.

Most rescues are done from people who are ill prepared.

There's virtually no cell reception down there.
Tell somebody where and when you'll be that day.

Example: "Hey (name of person), I'm going to Deep Creek Hot Springs for a day hike on Tuesday 9:00 am.
I'm using Bradford Ridge trail to park my car and hike from that trail.
I'm leaving Deep Creek Hot Springs by 3:00 pm that same day.
If you don't hear from me by 9:00 pm on Tuesday night, call 9-1-1."

There's an active forum regarding Deep Creek Hot Springs.

Where to park?
When to go?
Crowd vibe during weekdays or weekends?
Bring trash out?

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RE:Deep Creek Hot Springs - Apple Valley, CA

Such a bummer about the big Hispanic families and them bathing in all their clothes, leaving trash, etc. I live and recreate on the Kern River and we have the same issues here.

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