New Hampshire

So Im wondering how active is the community in this state. Im especially interested in gay men here. It seems like there arent a lot of gay men who are nudists here. What gives?

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There are Lots of Gay & Bi Nudist men in NH. Perhaps I should emphasize BI, because there are many BI men who want to hang Naked with men, and also Play with them, but they may be hard to find because they are on the Downlow -- sneaking out on their Wives! I personally know, because many of them come to My Nudist Men parties, via MEETUP.

I run the 3rd Largest Nudist MEETUP Group in New England, which is for Gay & Bi Men. I have over 720 members, pretty much even between NH and MA, I think. I run the nudist meetups out of my own Manchester, NH apartment. But I also have Hosts in Nottingham, Laconia, and Stratord area, and 1 new Virtual Meetups Host.

I actually run 3 Nudist Groups for:
Gay & Bi Men
Male Cross-dresser & Admirers
Transgender & Non-Binary, and Allies -- All Genders, however self-identified, and in all levels of transition or completion

Here is my Biggest Group:

Gay/Bi Nudist Men of Greater Manchester / NH & Northern MA

You need a MEETUP account (Free,, to Join.

Physical meets are temporarily suspended because of COVID, so we are now doing Virtual meetups. Next one is This Friday at 1 pm via Zoom. Must be a Member, and must submit an RSVP. Normally me, and my Team have multiple Meetups a month in multiple locations in NH, but mostly in Manchester.

I also co-run 3 other Nudist MEETUP Groups for Men (Self-identified), primarily Gay & Bi men. They are Special Activities Groups:
Nude Yoga (just Yoga)
Massage Exchange -- Directed Workshops -- not a free-for-all
Nude Male Witches, Brujos, and Shamans of Southern NH

In NH, there is also Joe's Hideaway Campground in Washington, NH. Gay-owned, Men-only, Clothing-Optional, Annual Membership Fee, Day Trippers Fee, and all levels of camping, from bare tent up to 5th Wheeler RV's with full hookups.

Also in NH, there is Mountainside Campground in Hinsdale, NH. Gay-owned, Men-only, Clothing-Optional. A bit more Basic than Joe's.

Both campgrounds have Websites.

Bare hugs,
Grant Sullivan, Manchester, NH

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RE:New Hampshire

There is a mens only campground in NH called Joes Hideaway. I would definitely start there, sounds like a good place for a great time all around.

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yes hello how are you doing today

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yes hello how are you doing today

Yes, hello, how much do you charge????

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