room for rent for a nudist

Hey there swm nudist looking for a room to rent Im 62 retried on ss clean and neat quite keep to myself at most times just looking for a place close to stores and being nude in and outdoors if you can I enjoy being outdoors the most where I spend most of my day Will to help out with what I can around your place cleaning,home repair looking for a room for $400.00-$500.00 around my area Hudson, Port Richey & New Port Richey FL long term as well Thank you Patrick

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RE:room for rent for a nudist

Patrick, two questions. Are you still looking for a room and are you either gay or bi? I have a room and a bathroom available in Shady Hills OH, about three miles south of Spring Hill. You're free to walk around nude here day and night, and on certain days even out in the backyard, and on every day once I get the fence up. But I usually Reserve that room for someone I can have sex with! I've got a few years on you, and as you know we don't have a whole lot of time left! And personally I fully intend to fuck my way out of here! If that's of interest to you, give me a call or text. Bill 727 272 5714. Anytime. And just so you know from looking at your picture I would have no problem sucking your dick!

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