some mental fun

Below is a list of phrases. Read through them with a creative mind. When you figure out the riddle , don't share it, Instead make a one or two of your own and add to the list. PLEASE don't spoil someone else's fun by blurting out the answer. Have fun

Came With The Calm

Its a Horrible Death

Hell's Fence

None Hate It Cold

Nothing About Adam

A Parisian in Washington

Eden Then

Front to The Past

Isn't Here

White Dove Up


Country Darks

Sane Poor Westerners

Live Easy

A Soft Night's Day

The Big Merman

Drought Divorce

Your Right Hand

The Clothed Olive Branch

Many Tunneled Under the Sane Cave

Again please do not blurt out the answer just add your own one or two so we have more to figure out.

Have fun

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RE:some mental fun

Live Soft
A Soft Nights Day
A Daily Occurrence on 43rd Street

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RE:some mental fun

Soggy Bareback
The Sedateness of Sigerson Holmes' Older Sister
The Tea-party of Germany
Lock Shortness
To Give And Give Not

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RE:some mental fun

Moon Peace
Fixing Good

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