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July 19,2016 Yesterday was mostly sunny, 87f. Today's temperature is forecast to reach 95f

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Having poached eggs on toast for lunch. Maybe some hot dogs later, if my wife remembers to bring some rolls.

Who would like to participate in a photo...

Professional photographer based in Los Angeles 90069 seeks nudists to pose for a futurepublished photography book... 18+ only, age/looks unimportant...nudity or semi-nudity required... shoots are in West Hollywood,in studio, on set, using...


Does anyone know where to buy a nudist calendar. I bought one a couple years ago but can not find one now. Thank you

Seeking - Brighton Air BnB

Hi there, myself and 4 others will be going to Brighton go support our mate performing in a musical. 5 guys in total. On the look out for a not too overly expensive AIR BNB / Place to stay. If you know of anywhere please let me know. many thanks

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HI... Would you be interested in posing for a future photo book about nudists? ......Serious responses only. All photos in studio, professional lighting ...West Hollywood, CA... some degree of nudity...

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Can not send new message in ios mobile chrome...

Cancel button and send button are just disabled or not functioning.

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New enlarged photos not optimized for mobile

Has anyone else accessing the site from a mobile phone noticed that when you enlarge a photo since the site was updated that some photos either enlarge too big for the screen or enlarge with the picture off centre? It means the photo opens with parts...

Nude gifts! Be made into art! Nudist artists...

I am a nudist artist! I am looking to see if any other nudist would like to commission me or my fiancee to draw or paint them or a loved one! Im also a wood worker, and ceramic artists. My fiancee is also a painter. I dont mind working from a photo,...

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