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Naked outlet or indecent exposure?

My home state doesnt have any places to go for nudist activities, I do little traveling because of my daily life schedule. Im essentually a home nudist but I get urges to be seen naked. I post on Snapchat but often Im left hanging while my nudes sit...

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by notclothed_pa5759 
Favorite Outdoor Activity

Anyone have a favorite outdoor activity or sport you like to do while being naked?

losing your top or shorts in a public place

Don't see a posting like this. Has anyone had there top or shorts come off on a water slide or in a big wave at the beach and not had it been by accident. Or just been at a hotel or campground and just took it off. I was at a resort with a wet...

Nudists on Instagram

Hey there - drop your link , follow , get nudist followers :) thats my insta :

Post Your Songs or Musical Covers Naked...

Hello Naked Musicians and Singers Post your Favorite songs, Musical covers or theme songs Superman Cover By Yours Truly Freedom2Be

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What are some good nudist movies?

I enjoyed Act Naturally, and Educating Julie. There's a foreign one called Les Textiles that seems interesting, but I can't find a version with English subtitles so I can't tell what's going on. Does anyone have any recommendations...


What's everyone's thoughts on public nudity? I'm mostly indifferent to it, however I do wish that I could go out in my backyard nude without the fear of my neighbors calling the cops on me because they can see me. If your a US citizen,...

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Are there any other Volunteer Patients on...

Both my Primary Care Physician and Dermatologist are female. They both know I am a nudist. On several occasions my Primary Care Physician had a Physician Assistant watch and sometime participate during my physical examination. One day she asked if I...

Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

Given that 'The site was created as a way to tap into a younger generation and attract a whole new generation to nudism.' What can we practically do to ensure this happens & help nudism avoid becoming...

Roommate needed in OC

I am giving this a shot. I need a roommate for my master bedroom that is approximately 14' x 11'. The room features a vaulted ceiling with small walk in closet, private bath and your own balcony. The room is in Orange County, CA. I have my...

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