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Pet peeves expanded into the open fora from...

In the spirt of sharing , and crossing over from private groups to the open fora . I present to you the viewer....................wait for it................................Another new thread !Two Duh awe :)Enjoy have fun , be nice, vent , share...

Love this commercial

Wish there were more positive commercials like this.

"Majoritarian views and popular morality...

If it happens in India, why not anywhere else ?

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Junk To Go

Please heed this warning and pass on to fellow nudists as well as your textile friends. .Junk To Go[ Awhile ago, when my granddaughter convinced me that she did indeed need a new bed it was the beginning of the worst retail experience in my 78 years...

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Since we must believe in something

1. I believe that each person is inherently good, and this despite the many times our site has been the target of trolls and other undesirables. 2. I believe each person has something to contribute to any discussion, which is why Im surprised we dont...

The Crazy Train

Anything goes within the sites terms of service. Derailing or highjacking the thread is encouraged If you can figure out or remember how to insert a photo into the body of the post using that html upload please DO IT. If you can figure out how to use...

Nudists social media

Lets connect !

Neighbor said this to me

It the end of summer here in Pa and the other day my neighbor called and asked it I take out her ac from the window, when I was over there she asked if I still liked to go nude since she had not seen me lately I said I still do she then said the was...

Politically Correct?

I heard a news story this morning where a middle school student was suspended for saying "Yes Ma'am" to his teacher. When did showing respect to an elder become politically incorrect. What is up with this so called "gender...

Who would like to participate in a photo...

Professional photographer based in Los Angeles 90069 seeks nudists to pose for a futurepublished photography book... 18+ only, age/looks unimportant...nudity or semi-nudity required... shoots are in West Hollywood,in studio, on set, using...

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