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Any other nudists in the logistics Industry?

Looking to connect with other professionals in my industry that also enjoy nudism/naturism. Drop me a line, let's be friends

A new group: Nudist First Time Stories

I started a group for us to share our "First Time" experiences. I hope many of you will chime in and share what your first times were like and how it changed you.

Living in heavily urban areas

I was wondering how do nudists deal with living in heavily urbanized areas where privacy is a concern such as living in an apartment or a small house with a small yard. Places like Chicago, Manhattan, London, or other large cities where public...

Shave or not shave

Just looking for other peoples opinion. Male or female. Ive come across differing opinions on being clean shaven, trimmed or just let it all go. Not just the genitalia region. Thoughts???


Were you embarrassed when you first started going nude? Are you still embarrassed under certain circumstances, like if certain people see you?

Cooking nude

Here is a link to an article from the NY Times on cooking and nudism, how nudists are more tolerant, and how cooking nude can bring out the best in folks!...

If you were offered a nude part in a movie,...

If the opportunity arose, would you play a nude part or be a nude "extra" in a big movie production if you were offered a part? I think I would throw apprehension to the wind and go for it at this point in my life. Who else would be...

What was the longest time you were naked?

The longest time I was naked was for one week consecutively, at a nudist club. I bet you can beat that :-). One time when I was staying at Hawaii I was shirtless for about 3 weeks in the 21 days I did not touch any kind of a top. But here is my best...

Symbols next to years on site in profile

I just noticed that some users have a symbol before the years they have been on the site in their profile. One looks like the Wifi symbol and another is a heart. Other symbols are easier to guess, like the certified symbol, or a picture symbol after...