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Like on facebook, the site lets you know if someone has responded to your post, is there a way that that happens here and I am not aware? thank you

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Nudists on Instagram

Hey there - drop your link , follow , get nudist followers :) thats my insta :

Surviving Valentine's Day 2018

So Valentine's Day is coming soon. What are you doing for Valentine's Day? I'm just going to work and relax and enjoy my singlehood and of course some good food. How about you?How to Survive Valentine's Day


Why do so many people want to get girls on cam? Leave us girls alone, some of us don't have cams, or bad experience with cams. Just stop asking us to go on cam right away. I would rather get to know the person before I go on cam with them. Then...

Non certified members.

Is there a way to find all of my non certified friends. I would like to unfriend them all if possible. Thanks! Kent

Attracting a whole new generation to nudism

Given that 'The site was created as a way to tap into a younger generation and attract a whole new generation to nudism.' What can we practically do to ensure this happens & help nudism avoid becoming...

Drop Your Twitter Handles

Hey Fam, I enjoy connecting with other naturists. I have a new podcast coming about naturism and a new twitter. My twitter is NakedColorsPod. Follow me. What's your twitter handle

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Good nudity in movies.

What are the films that use nudity for positive effect? I am not thinking about the gratuitous nude shots that are there to titillate, but where the nude scenes enhance the plot. The best historic film I can think of is Psycho. While not full...

Worst Christmas present

Seasonal post - ok so now you have all brought the pressies and wait in eagre expectation that you got it right what is the worst present you have ever given or received? Mine is from my bank manager he has just failed to clear a cheque so Christmas...

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