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Since we must believe in something

1. I believe that each person is inherently good, and this despite the many times our site has been the target of trolls and other undesirables. 2. I believe each person has something to contribute to any discussion, which is why Im surprised we dont...

The easiest lemonade recipe in the world.

My wife threw out our old beverage pitcher, and hasn't replaced it yet. All my iced tea and lemonade recipes are based on having to fill up a gallon jug, so I got kind of befuddled when she asked me to make her some lemonade - I'm just not...

Writing in general, and involving personal...

I know I've mentioned writing on here before, ages ago, but I still like getting opinions about it. I've noticed I've been imposing aspects of my own life onto my characters more so than ever, and i'm not sure it's always a great...


What's everyone's thoughts on public nudity? I'm mostly indifferent to it, however I do wish that I could go out in my backyard nude without the fear of my neighbors calling the cops on me because they can see me. If your a US citizen,...

Nudists on Instagram

Hey there - drop your link , follow , get nudist followers :) thats my insta :

What are the best messaging apps with...

"If you want to keep prying eyes away from your conversations, then these are the apps that you need to get."

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Observations on fake profiles

There are three basic categories of fake profiles in adult sites. I refer to a he, but he could be she. So, I choose he instead of he/she.The scammer Empty profile seeking for a serious relationship and a picture that cannot be googled. This guys...

Favorite Outdoor Activity

Anyone have a favorite outdoor activity or sport you like to do while being naked?

Good nudity in movies.

What are the films that use nudity for positive effect? I am not thinking about the gratuitous nude shots that are there to titillate, but where the nude scenes enhance the plot. The best historic film I can think of is Psycho. While not full...

Visitng Sri Lanka

Hi there, I'm new to this site. Looking to get connected with friends. Anyone coming down to Sri Lanka? Feel free to contact me

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