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Fun Films with Nudity

Watched a mostly uncensored version of "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth". It is a 1970 British film. The US version was rated G; unedited at that time it probably would have been X. It is hard to come up with words for this movie. Its about...

USA daylight savings ends tonight

Set your clocks back one hour, change the battery in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Just 137 days until Spring :) John aka cobeachbum

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Are there any other Volunteer Patients on...

Both my Primary Care Physician and Dermatologist are female. They both know I am a nudist. On several occasions my Primary Care Physician had a Physician Assistant watch and sometime participate during my physical examination. One day she asked if I...

Non certified members.

Is there a way to find all of my non certified friends. I would like to unfriend them all if possible. Thanks! Kent

Love this commercial

Wish there were more positive commercials like this.

"Majoritarian views and popular morality...

If it happens in India, why not anywhere else ?

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Junk To Go

Please heed this warning and pass on to fellow nudists as well as your textile friends. .Junk To Go[ Awhile ago, when my granddaughter convinced me that she did indeed need a new bed it was the beginning of the worst retail experience in my 78 years...

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Since we must believe in something

1. I believe that each person is inherently good, and this despite the many times our site has been the target of trolls and other undesirables. 2. I believe each person has something to contribute to any discussion, which is why Im surprised we dont...

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