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Weather In Your Area

July 19,2016 Yesterday was mostly sunny, 87f. Today's temperature is forecast to reach 95f

Nude Beach n Nanticoke Ontario

Has anyone heard of a nude beach near Nanticoke, Ontario. Someone mentioned it once and I would be interested in more info. I imagine it would be on lake Erie.

Naked handyman in pa

Hi i am from the harrisburg area in Pennsylvania ... I have a nude handyman business and am reaching out to find more clientele ... You can call or text at 717-571-3821 ... I havent found anything I can't fix.

Where to Garden in the Nude: best and worst...

"Yes, naked gardening is a thing ... The prudish may prefer that these encampments remain out of sight, but N.I.M.B.Y. might as well stand for nude in my backyard ... Where to Appreciate the Joys of Naked Gardening...

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What Makes Me Smile?

A ray of sun warming me in autumn A well written line in a book A clever clue in a crossword A delectable bite of a dessert A seasonal sip of eggnog A chance to prop up my feet The smell of fresh mown grass Lending a stranger a helping hand Reaching...

Editing a post

One of the things I find interesting about posting here is when you edit. I have written posts in the past that I read over again. I find I want to add some comment so I edit. The edit, however doesn't show as a new post but stays buried in the...

World Naked Bike Ride

In Toronto,June 12th. Starts in Coronation park at ipm. and meanders around downtown Toronto. Bare as you dare.

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The Art of Nudity

This artist does an amazing job capturing the beauty of the nude male form

Sussex county delaware

I am 75 and can't walk assateague. Went last summer and had to ask for help getting back to my car. Is there anyplace to sunbathing nude with in Sussex county and O.C Berlin area. Thanks for the input. John

Clearly fake accounts

Can we stop ignoring the people clearly posting picture of found nudists online. Id like to call out nakedmadcat this posts more pics of clearly found images and never gets flagged. Why isnt there more admins on this site?

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