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Nudist Birthplans?

I was watching an Australian tv show about a gynacologist and one of her patients, a pregnant woman and her partner (male) asked if everyone involved in their birthplan could be naked. This weirds her out. Now on telly the baby comes out clean and...

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naturists and nude volunteers oportunities

Hello, I love the nude lifestyle and I will start traveling around Europe with my girlfriend very soon. We both thinking about to make some more experiences by visiting other countries and meed new people. We will use platforms for woofing or...

Odd conversation in the chat room

Yesterday I notice a guy enter the main chatroom who mentioned he was from Ukraine. I said howdy and mentioned that I had visited his country last year and enjoyed myself. We switched to PM to chat away from the clutter. We chatted more about what i...

At 55, Milind Soman runs nude

Finally, someone took the first bold step. Milind Soman, Indian actor, at the age of 55, ran nude in a beach in Goa, to celebrate his 55th birthday. All good, but I think he must have tried that outside India first. Now I think he might get into a...

Contacting site admins

Can this be done? I have an issue with my payment, and I need to get it resolved. I have already opened a trouble ticket, but a week later it remains unread. I have tried emailing support several times, but no response. I have even called the...

Halloween 2020 Costume winner :)

Hello everybody. For those who love Halloween and parties, I am sharing a video I made of my halloween party. Hope you guys like it. I was awarded best costume prize ;) This is the link

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What Makes Me Smile?

A ray of sun warming me in autumn A well written line in a book A clever clue in a crossword A delectable bite of a dessert A seasonal sip of eggnog A chance to prop up my feet The smell of fresh mown grass Lending a stranger a helping hand Reaching...

How to log out on iPhone?

I cautiously started on TN with a username I didnt intend to keep. Within a day I changed my username to GeoNude and got certified. When I am on my iPhone (5S - dont laugh) it still has the original username and doesnt think Im certified. So, how do...

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by CoRYYC 
A new group: Nudist First Time Stories

I started a group for us to share our "First Time" experiences. I hope many of you will chime in and share what your first times were like and how it changed you.