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Perth WA

I am preparing a trip to Perth WA, can anybody help with advice on locations to go nude - would happily link up with any locals,

Happy Mom's Day 2017!

Happy Mom's Day to all our members of TN that are Moms! Hope you have a great day with family. ;-)

Nudist webcomics - a list

For anyone who's a fan of comics, webcomics, or comic strips but has always found them lacking in nudists, I present to you The List.Obviously No.1 is Loxie and Zoot.It follows the adventures of the title characters who own an australian nudist...

caught walking naked by textiles and not...

Has anyone been caught out walking nude in non nudist places for example country lanes or woods and come across textiles. If so have you said anything to them as you have walked past?

How to move from one message to another on...

I find it really difficult to navigate between messages. When I wake up, I usually have around 20-30 messages in my inbox. I open a message and after having read it, there is no option to move to the next message. You need to go back to messages page...

Wanting to meet local nudists like myself

I live a little bit west of Gainesville, FL in the town of Alachua, FL , and am looking to meet with fellow nudists like myself.

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Any runners out there

Would love to connect with anyone who likes to do road races, run, etc.!

Swimwear for nudists

I know that the beauty of being a nudist and a nudist family is to be without clothes, especially while swimming and I do not disagree. Sometimes though, we like to wear swimwear that enhances our nudity. Are we alone in that? We have recently bought...

How to use chat on my I-Pad

I downloaded the app "123flash chat" but I need a chat I'd.Sarah in CanadaCanada

5 fruits and/or vegetables per day ?

Will you finally decide to exchange or complete your hamburgers, fried potatoes and ice-cream well sweetened by these indispensable 5 fruits and vegetables per day to finally be proud to exhibit this dream body that everyone will envy you instead of...

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