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Photos and message

Hi Was just wondering if it is possible to attach a photo to a message?

Nudist Christian Church

We would like to form a conservative Christian church in the West Palm Beach /SE Florida area. Do you have an interest? Do you know a nudist or like-minded preacher, biblical teacher or theologian?

Weather In Your Area

July 19,2016 Yesterday was mostly sunny, 87f. Today's temperature is forecast to reach 95f

Mobile App

Is there any news on whether there will ever be a TrueNudists mobile app?Having access to your messages and friends profiles would be a cool start.

merry christmas to all

we try to do theme dinners for the season. even tho everyone is clothed. thought i would share some pics of our season this year. i will put them on my page when i figure out how to do that

Cant get certified...

Tried uploading photos...i get repeated error of cant convert photo....not sure how to

Imagination Distorts Reality Myth and truth...

In this article, I am going to attempt to debunk the myths and at the same time present the true nature of the devil and his fellow partners in crime, demons. This article is written to briefly educate the everyday person, it is not an exhaustive...

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9yo girl accidentally shoots and kills...

Who in their right mind would allow a 9 year old girl to handle a firearm.My sons and daughters have all fired various weapons like .22 and .76 rifles , shotguns both 4/10 and 12 gauge, but all were in their mid teens before they were allowed to...

Nude touring of UK in new motorhome June...

Are there any couples who would like a conducted tour of UK nudist clubs and events? My new motor home now available for touring any area of interest in the UK. I would be delighted to do all the driving and maintenance required, so my guests can...

Who Will Drink From The Cup?

OK, you hockey fans! Who do you think will get to take Lord Stanley's Cup home? Boston or Vancouver? They're both great teams to make it this far, but we think the Canucks have the edge. Go Nucks!

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