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Contacting site admins

Can this be done? I have an issue with my payment, and I need to get it resolved. I have already opened a trouble ticket, but a week later it remains unread. I have tried emailing support several times, but no response. I have even called the...

Halloween 2020 Costume winner :)

Hello everybody. For those who love Halloween and parties, I am sharing a video I made of my halloween party. Hope you guys like it. I was awarded best costume prize ;) This is the link

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How to log out on iPhone?

I cautiously started on TN with a username I didnt intend to keep. Within a day I changed my username to GeoNude and got certified. When I am on my iPhone (5S - dont laugh) it still has the original username and doesnt think Im certified. So, how do...

Latest PostGood to hear!
by CoRYYC 
A new group: Nudist First Time Stories

I started a group for us to share our "First Time" experiences. I hope many of you will chime in and share what your first times were like and how it changed you.

As a nudist, is this funny or offensive?

I thought this was hysterical. Is that bad? Or is this really funny? I just wonder what others think. Germany's got talent Duckie L'Orange

Reactions to Nudists with Ostomy Pouches??

Have you encountered people at resorts or beaches who are burdened by an ostomy bag? Should these cancer survivors have to forego social nudity because they have to carry their bags for life? They will probaby be wearing a "Girdle-like"...

Uploading a profile photo's for the...

Hi All Would any kind member be able to describe how to upload my photo's to my profile. I dont want to make a mistake and get it wrong, or send them somewhere they should not go. Also how to add more or remove old ones. Many thanks Woodyxxx

Any other nudists in the logistics Industry?

Looking to connect with other professionals in my industry that also enjoy nudism/naturism. Drop me a line, let's be friends

Living in heavily urban areas

I was wondering how do nudists deal with living in heavily urbanized areas where privacy is a concern such as living in an apartment or a small house with a small yard. Places like Chicago, Manhattan, London, or other large cities where public...

Shave or not shave

Just looking for other peoples opinion. Male or female. Ive come across differing opinions on being clean shaven, trimmed or just let it all go. Not just the genitalia region. Thoughts???

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