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If you were offered a nude part in a movie,...

If the opportunity arose, would you play a nude part or be a nude "extra" in a big movie production if you were offered a part? I think I would throw apprehension to the wind and go for it at this point in my life. Who else would be...

What would you do?

Let's just say, hypothetically, you're turned into a frog somehow and you're fine with this. You still have your mind and wits about you, and you look just like a regular small frog, EXCEPT somehow you have little wetsuit shorts on as...

The "Groups" section

Is it just me or is the "Groups" section now mostly about boobs, penis, vaginas and butts? I love to post, but I have to now weed though a plethora of those to find "G-rated" topics. I've even joined a couple of them thinking...

New Guy

Hi, I just joined this platform. I am 36 years old and I am a Scorpio. I am 192cm tall, well-educated, and come from Eindhoven. Please, leave a message. Wees voorzichtig.

Oregon or Vermont

Taking all things into consideration, (legality of nudity, political climate, social acceptability of nudity, weather, seasons, cost of living, etc.), which is the better place to live, Oregon or Vermont? In either case, we're talking well out...

Visiting U.K.

I will be visiting the U.K. from Sept 22nd to Oct 11th. Will be mainly in the Birmingham area. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a coffer just messsage me. I will be staying with relatives who do not share my nudist out look.

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Nude Bitmoji

Does anybody know how to create a nude Bitmoji?

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Naked handyman in pa

Hi i am from the harrisburg area in Pennsylvania ... I have a nude handyman business and am reaching out to find more clientele ... You can call or text at 717-571-3821 ... I havent found anything I can't fix.

What Makes Me Smile?

A ray of sun warming me in autumn A well written line in a book A clever clue in a crossword A delectable bite of a dessert A seasonal sip of eggnog A chance to prop up my feet The smell of fresh mown grass Lending a stranger a helping hand Reaching...

Editing a post

One of the things I find interesting about posting here is when you edit. I have written posts in the past that I read over again. I find I want to add some comment so I edit. The edit, however doesn't show as a new post but stays buried in the...

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