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How come 60 in the winter feels like 80 in...

I not one who likes the cold at all. But I do hate having to wear a layer when I don't have to. In the winter, when the mercury is above 60 with no breeze, it feels great! But in the summer, I'm in a robe when it's the same temperature....

Non certified members.

Is there a way to find all of my non certified friends. I would like to unfriend them all if possible. Thanks! Kent

Saunadorf in Halle

Hallo zusammen, Ich bin 33 Jahre alt und vor paar Monate nach Halle (Saale) in Sachsen-Anhalt umgezogen. Ich habe hier eine schne Saunadorf entdeckt in Maya Mare mit verschiedenen Saunen, Jacuzzi, ein Auenbad und sehr schne Ruhe Villa. Dazu kommt...

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How to tell which forum posts I responded to?

Is there any way to see what forum posts I have made?

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In Need In Ft Lauderdale

Hello, happy holidays. Just taking a chance here but checking if anyone In Ft Lauderdale can host?..... A couch surfing situation starting tmrw, 12/26/19 for about 3-4 nights As I'm in between places. Realize it's last minute plus the...

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Did you remember to put your clocks back one hour.

Female models for life drawing (nude) or...

Hi. I am looking for female models for life drawing (nude) or photography in different areas (summer fashion, bikini, lingerie (bra with panties) and classic nude). It is on Tfp basis. You should be 18 years old. A few full body photos (head to toe,...

It's been a long time...

I haven't abandoned the nudist lifestyle. I have just been too ashamed to practice lately. At first it was just the excuse that "it's too cold" to go anywhere. Honestly. It's my weight. I've started trying to lose weight...

Has anyone been in a Spencer Tunick photo?

If anyone has been in any of his photos, I would like to hear how the experience went. It looks like something that I would enjoy.

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