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Going To King Spa in Niles, Illinois this...

Going to King Spa in Niles this coming Tuesday The 19th of December from 4pm until about 10pm! I wont have wifi available I dont believe at that time but would be cool to meet any of you from TN!

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Clothing Optional School

I think going around in the nude is the most natural thing a human can do. It has been found by many research studies that children seeing a naked human body does them no harm, so I believe that a nudist / naturist parent should have the choice of...

Nudity in the Media and Children?

So, I've been thinking about this for a bit. Almost 10 years ago, there was a show called iCarly and a character on there, Freddie, has an extremely overprotective mom. The one episode he didn't have her being so overprotective, he talked...

Looking for Nudist Flat Mates

Hi gang, I am on the hunt for two new flat mates in London. The current two are off to a new place and I thought what better time than now to live with similar thinking nudists like me. Would love to hear from you. Send me a message if you are...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. Whether you are having friends and family over or traveling to grandma's house, be safe and stay nude.

Small room for rent in San Francisco apt-...

Hi - I have a small room for rent starting Jan 1, 2018 in my 2 bdrm, 1 bath apt in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. My current roommate is giving it up to travel and then settle in another city. During the last few years living with this...

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The Nude Adventure

I wanted to share my journey to becoming a nudist. My first exposure to nudism was when i saw my grandfather walking past my bedroom door naked,on his way to use the middle bathroom which was down the hall from my bed room. the second exposure,was...

Which King Is Sitting On The Throne

Greetings Friends, Do you believe that God has created every soul,and love every one of them? That every soul has been created with a free will to chose their own destiny. That God has offered His hand of fellowship,The gift of eternal life , and a...

Young professional looking for nudist...

I'm a friendly 29 year old male looking for a room to rent in Sydney somewhere. I can afford up to $200pw and mostly keep to myself but am pretty social too. I'm respectful, considerate, clean and generally spend most of my time playing video...

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