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Cooking nude

Here is a link to an article from the NY Times on cooking and nudism, how nudists are more tolerant, and how cooking nude can bring out the best in folks!...

What was the longest time you were naked?

The longest time I was naked was for one week consecutively, at a nudist club. I bet you can beat that :-). One time when I was staying at Hawaii I was shirtless for about 3 weeks in the 21 days I did not touch any kind of a top. But here is my best...

Symbols next to years on site in profile

I just noticed that some users have a symbol before the years they have been on the site in their profile. One looks like the Wifi symbol and another is a heart. Other symbols are easier to guess, like the certified symbol, or a picture symbol after...

Conservative Christian an oxymoron???

I put this as a side note in a reply to another topic, but to avoid hijacking that topic Im posting it here as a new topic.. Im interested to see others thoughts and arguments this. The term Conservative Christian has always bothered me as being...

Would like college age male to join wife n I...

Would like college age male to join wife n myself in Abilene.

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Nude and Natural Get Together in Virtual...

I have been forced to attend tons of zoom meeting and webex meetings and classes and not any beach or pool or resort nude time. I am usually nude or w/o pants here but dareful with camera. are there any "get-togethers" in the web world?...

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Profile updates

There are a lot of stale profiles on TN. Why dont people update or add to their profiles. We are constantly up dating.

Anyone Do Stained Glass?

I make stained glass and would be interested in chatting with others who do stained glass either professionally or as a hobby.

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TRUTH! Are My Posts Entertaining or Offensive

This place can be so much fun! I enjoy the back and forth with so many of you. But I think maybe I rub some people the wrong way. Do I care? Hell No! (maybe a little!) So I decided to do a survey. It's your chance to give me both barrels or a...

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