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Wanting to meet local nudists like myself

I live a little bit west of Gainesville, FL in the town of Alachua, FL , and am looking to meet with fellow nudists like myself.

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How to use chat on my I-Pad

I downloaded the app "123flash chat" but I need a chat I'd.Sarah in CanadaCanada

5 fruits and/or vegetables per day ?

Will you finally decide to exchange or complete your hamburgers, fried potatoes and ice-cream well sweetened by these indispensable 5 fruits and vegetables per day to finally be proud to exhibit this dream body that everyone will envy you instead of...

Ever wondered how to become the top Ultra...

If being at the top of the list is important to you, it's really simple to get there. Just start a new word association game or something similar and just keep posting to it. You don't need lots of friends or lots of photos, just time to...

Stepping Over the Line

Friends , have you been watching these protest by the progressive lefts against Donald Trumps election as president. I watched Ashley Judd compare President Trump Presidency to The election of the Nazi Party, Well the Democrat evidently don't...

Introduction with things I think

I am a nudist, and like meeting with other nudists, and I also believe in God. I see that God meant all that would be natural for us to be for us. I hope I find others seeing it this way. And there are more good things that are natural for us to come...

nakedbird blog about nudism

Hello, I am Philipp and just started a blog about my experience with nudism. I want to support nudity, and clear prejudices! Maybe you are interested in it and can give me some feedback or things that you think are important to spread about (real)...

Ukrainian photographer discovers the benefits...

Read an interesting article on dazed about a Ukrainian photographer who overcame shyness and poor body image, through social nudity!! She is now an advocate for nudism as a result.Article here

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Looking for a nudist roommate in Chicago !

Hello all! I'm looking into getting an apartment in the city of Chicago or western suburbs. I am wondering if anyone here is looking for a roommate? I really would love to share my living space with a like-minded nudist man who I can hang out...

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Hacksaw Ridge

Would highly recommend this movie to anyone. Great humour once the basic training scenes start! Look for a character called Hollywood. I don't think you can miss him lol!

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