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Following Oneself - Tracking Activity

How does one follow one's own activity on this site? In other words, where can I see a history of my activity, so I can go back and see who replied to my posts, for instance.Someone told me once, but I forgot. Message and friend me, please.

is anyone else sick to death of nazi mods?

I have been a certified member here for many years and I have seen many so called mods that apparently think they are the thought police and judge others while allowing their pals to skate with a free pass.I have no problems with mods enforcing the...

Microsoft Edge and Chat problems

Anyone else having problems getting into chat using Microsoft Edge? It gets stuck at "Loading Language" and never enters the room.This is on a Windows 10 computer.

Where did ___________ go?

A few members have apparently left or have been inactive. These forums have been rather boring lately. Maybe we can have a discussion about where some of our old friends went. One was an old curmudgeon who was very smart and likable, if you could get...

Looking for Two True Nudist Room Mates in...

I am looking for two true nudist males to share my 1,900 sq ft manufactured home in Cathedral City, CA, (Palm Springs). Sexual orientation does not matter to me. In my household, clothing is only optional for guests, so we live the nudist lifestyle...

telling neighbors

It's almost summer here in Pa I was wondering what was the best way to bring my nudity up to my neighbor. I would enjoy being in my back yard

What would you want from a photographer?

I have a big interest in photography and I'm forever snapping away. Alot of guys seem to want people to take pics of them and I'd love to start taking pics of people instead of my pets and landscapes etc. What do people want from a a...

Seeking nudist friendly housing in Orange...

I am a 42 yr old gay white male, seeking housing in Orange County. I'm a nudist, and I'm hoping to find a place with fellow nudists, or people who don't care if I'm nude in the house. I have lived with many different types of...

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The state of TN

Is it just me or has this place turned in a discussion forum for circumcision, erections and "word games"? That seems to be the only new posts I see. On circumcision, some are, some are not. If you are and are not happy with your status,...

What are you reading?

Its that easy! Tell us nudists what novels hold your interest right now! And also why it is so interesting. As for me its a book by Gayle Greeno called Finders-Seekers. Its part one in a three part series I believe. I am now on part 4/5 in book 1. =)...

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