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Which King Is Sitting On The Throne

Greetings Friends, Do you believe that God has created every soul,and love every one of them? That every soul has been created with a free will to chose their own destiny. That God has offered His hand of fellowship,The gift of eternal life , and a...

Young professional looking for nudist...

I'm a friendly 29 year old male looking for a room to rent in Sydney somewhere. I can afford up to $200pw and mostly keep to myself but am pretty social too. I'm respectful, considerate, clean and generally spend most of my time playing video...

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Cold Copy,Funn House Mirror,Window

Dear friends, Here is a thought ,or a spiritual illustration that came to me during prayer this morning. How would one compare their walk with God? How would those who came in contact with,or better yet knew the one personally? How would the...

Half Exposed Bear Trap

Greeting Friends, You have seen that i posted yesterday, this scripture verse: 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 King James Version (KJV). I began writing a lesson on this scripture,but before i could finish it my compute had a brain fart,and lost it or may be...

Nudist/naturist Jobs

I'm trying to find out how to get a job working at a nudist/naturist venue. I am mostly interested in groundskeeper, caretaker, or maintenance positions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are Others here on True Nudists having...

Tell Me, Anyone ... How does One reach The Administrators to Get Answers about Site Problems ?

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers They spring up to life,in the field where The Creator plants them They are nurtured buy sun ,water,and feral soil, They proclaim the glory of the artistry of their Creator They grow and multiple until they reach their glorious peak They...

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Photos and message

Hi Was just wondering if it is possible to attach a photo to a message?

Nudist Christian Church

We would like to form a conservative Christian church in the West Palm Beach /SE Florida area. Do you have an interest? Do you know a nudist or like-minded preacher, biblical teacher or theologian?

Mobile App

Is there any news on whether there will ever be a TrueNudists mobile app?Having access to your messages and friends profiles would be a cool start.