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Good nudity in movies.

What are the films that use nudity for positive effect? I am not thinking about the gratuitous nude shots that are there to titillate, but where the nude scenes enhance the plot. The best historic film I can think of is Psycho. While not full...

Worst Christmas present

Seasonal post - ok so now you have all brought the pressies and wait in eagre expectation that you got it right what is the worst present you have ever given or received? Mine is from my bank manager he has just failed to clear a cheque so Christmas...

Cancer survivors

I would like to form a group for fellow nudists and their significant others, both male and female, who are struggling with cancer and those who, like myself, are cancer survivors. I have searched through the groups, and can not find one addressing...

Writing stories that normalize nudity

For a while now I've been working on a story about a forest spirit, and part of the character for the spirit is he only appears nude, or in the form of an animal. Since the story is written from the perspective of a different character, i've...

Houseshare offered - Sydney NSW (Connells...

Hi all, Nudist friendly house share available Oct 2017 - swimming pool and plenty of space. Own double room, share three bed house with one other gay nudist. Connells Point near Hurstville and Oatley. Rent $250/wk.

Going To King Spa in Niles, Illinois this...

Going to King Spa in Niles this coming Tuesday The 19th of December from 4pm until about 10pm! I wont have wifi available I dont believe at that time but would be cool to meet any of you from TN!

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Clothing Optional School

I think going around in the nude is the most natural thing a human can do. It has been found by many research studies that children seeing a naked human body does them no harm, so I believe that a nudist / naturist parent should have the choice of...

Nudity in the Media and Children?

So, I've been thinking about this for a bit. Almost 10 years ago, there was a show called iCarly and a character on there, Freddie, has an extremely overprotective mom. The one episode he didn't have her being so overprotective, he talked...

Looking for Nudist Flat Mates

Hi gang, I am on the hunt for two new flat mates in London. The current two are off to a new place and I thought what better time than now to live with similar thinking nudists like me. Would love to hear from you. Send me a message if you are...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. Whether you are having friends and family over or traveling to grandma's house, be safe and stay nude.

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