medically restricted

I do not want to sound whiney or childish but I have been diagnosed with Levi's ( sometimes spelled Lewis) Body Dementia. Mixed in with Parkinsos Disease. I have fallen several times and have ruptured my l-5 and strained my vertabra. My who spine hurts. I feel like I have damaged something in my hips. I cannot walk more than20 feet and that is being generous,
I hate this complaining but have to get it out of the way so you understand my predictament,
I am a single gay male who cannot perform anymore. I have always loved being versatile anally both giving and receiving. I enjoy servicing men orally. and absolutely love swallowing a big cock and its load
Unfortunately I can no longer enjoy these hot sex movements. Maybe still give a weak blowjob. am bored with jerking off, watching porn ( gay of course).Edging, I even tire of talking to some french fuck buddies.
The pandemic has ruined our gay clubs, if even I could drive there, which I cannot
If I have been open enough I hope that you understand my position
Does anyone hve any suggestions as to what this lonely heart can do. How can I get back involved in nudist and gay activities on my limited basis
I live in Springfield MA. And it seems that we no longer have anything that helps.
Please send me suggestions,ideas of things to do etc. I am open to all your suggestions

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RE:medically restricted

I will keep this simple...You post would be far better on a medical forum without out all the over the top sexual stuff. You have a very serous condition and you will not care about any of that stuff...

Please read up on your disease, It killed my mother in law.

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RE:medically restricted

I'm going to assume that you're under good care medically. Of course that has to come first.

With illness comes a great loss of privacy. You've been an out gay man for many years. But you may not have been "out" as a nudist to your wider circle, and probably haven't been widely forthcoming about your sexual practices and needs and changing abilities. You will be less and less able to compartmentalize your life. Being more open carries risk of pushback, as you've just seen above.

But particularly with the Lewy's, you need to be strengthening relationships now with people you know and trust. So first, look for chances to be more open with them about your situation and needs, while you have the emotional resources to navigate that.

Since I'm not local to you, I can't suggest nudist clubs, beaches, and venues. For hang-out-naked spots that are sexually open, maybe you can find your way to a bathhouse in Boston.

With your sexuality changing, think about what's of value there and within your means. How much does touch matter? Neither Parkinson's nor Lewy's is a contraindication for massage, so consider that. Of course, a professional therapist will be conventionally draping you, but touch is touch. Consider a site like, which allows you to post as receive-only, and to specify your comfort with nudity.

You have a tough journey ahead; I hope you can make the best of it.

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RE:medically restricted

As a start, you must keep a good positive attitude. That is much easier said than done but makes all the others points work in unison. I would attempt to aid some local group with which you have interest or affinity. Im speaking of human interaction with some sort of shared goal. Whether keeping the group bulletin up to date, coordinating activities or whatever, goal accomplishment builds personal satisfaction. That said, getting in contact with others & showing a willingness to help will build personal dynamics & get you started on a personal friend list. Those same folks will come to understand your dynamic & aid you along the way. Unless you get lucky with the right group, your gay activities will probably be sublimated, but forward progress can fix that later. Just get moving, if only a little.

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