Need a Shaving Partner

I love smooth but let myself go these last few months. Shaving to me is both an adventure and an awesome sensation once its completed. Would love to share this adventure with a woman who also shaves and enjoys the experience. I'm in Austin TX and willing to meet somewhere close. Also hope to share other adventures as newly shaved nudists even at the local nude park - Hippie Hollow. Lets live a little. See my profile for before and after photos taken in the past.. Extra hairy right now and think shaving eachother would be the perfect way to get smooth before summer. Might even record the experience if willing - I shaved on video last time and love showing how its done as well as showing myself off as a proud nudist. Let me know. AustinJohn
Update - forget the shaving partner - I did it myself - scissors, electric razor then straight edge with shaving cream - front and back. Now I am smooth down under. Photos of the adventure attached.

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RE:Need a Shaving Partner

Looking good John.

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