Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

Mostly good hike at purdon. 3.5 miles out and back. Great until I got to the turn around point. Went to take a photo and found my phone missing! Backtrack looking at the ground. Told passersby that I lost a phone and said they would look. Apparently the phone did not want to go further after a water break. So it jumped out of the backpack. Damn flirty phone wait to be picked up by a dog and owner. Phone got to go home with a cute girl. (Jealous). I tracked the trail twice before leaving. While hiking I followed tradition, but was the only one until talking to another girl who said she was also a nudist. After our talk she opened her top for the rest of her hike. That's a good reason to talk to others. Encourage them to join.
Bonus crap day.....got lost on the travel home as my brain and mapping were flirting with a cute girl. An extra hour hour plus before finding another traveler who gave directions .
The girl called my contacts and they knew before me that the phone left me. But due to being lost with no phone to call, I could not tell them I was ok. End result after many worry hours I got home. I met the girl (again) for my phone after it flirted with her for 2 days.
Yes, a memorable adventure.

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RE:Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

Great story!. Will be putting that trail on my list to visit. Nice to see nudity is expected.

You should add this to Locations on this site.

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RE:Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

... NUDITY IS A TRADITION HERE. ... so cool; as it should be everywhere.

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