Living as a Christian and naturist.

Blessings all.

Being a Christian and a naturist at the same time puts us in a minority class within a subculture.
Trying to find a place in this world.
I have found in my life that being a naturist and a Christian can be a dilemma when it comes to trying to find a partner, a church and Christian friends who accepts and don't judge you for being a naturist, is virtually impossible.
(easier to find a Christian among a group of Naturist, than visa versa!!)

You are not a sinner because you are dressed in the skin God created in his image for your body.
(don't let the devil fool you)

Now I know I'm not alone in the wilderness and that there are lots of likeminded Christians.

I have for many years thought of buying some cheap land and building from scratch a naturist retreat. (maybe even crowdsourcing or something like that)

I'm going to start a Christian naturist commune/resort for us to have a safe space, a place we can be practice both our lifestyle and belief with other believers.

It will be open for all naturist to come and stay as visitors.
But to live there as permanent resident there is one rule That you are Christian.

I have part and been member of both naturist clubs and camps in both Australia, Denmark and Sweden and also Malta (though in Malta naturism is still illegal)
But there was and is something missing in the whole equation GOD!!

So in a sense I feel that I have just found my calling.
Everyone is welcome to join or help.
All suggestions and advice or if anyone would like to join in the endeavour is most welcome!
If we build it they will come.

God bless you all Tommy

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