New Skype Group For Men

Hi everyone! Thanks to the popularity of my other sauna chat room, I decided to create one that is open to all men who want to join, and want to chill out with a good group of men.

A few rules:
This is basically a digital nude "sauna" room for men.
Be respectful of yourself and other people.
No sexual activity of any kind - this includes no masturbation
If you need to adjust yourself, that's fine, don't worry about it. We will give you the benefit of the doubt, but don't abuse it.
Spontaneous erections are fine, normal, and welcome!
I request that if you are on for more than a few minutes that you be fully naked on camera - this way everyone is on an equal level. Everyone is naked, and that is okay.
Also, I am a Christian, and I intend to keep things within general Christian social morality. That said, men of any faith or no-faith are welcome here!

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RE:New Skype Group For Men

Hello I am not able to join

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RE:New Skype Group For Men

I want to join, but it says it is unavailable

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RE:New Skype Group For Men

hi not able to join the Skype

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