Looking for real nudists to help promote nudism

Hello nudists! I am an avid nudist who believes that nudism needs to be presented to society so that it can be looked at as a legitimate lifestyle, rather than a cover for sexual related activity. There is way too much porn associated with the term nudists and this gets in the way of people wanting to even approach this lifestyle with any genuine interests. I have started a blog about this, but have suspended my content in favor of producing my own content rather than "borrowing" photos and videos from other sources. This is not a monetary endeavour, just one I am using to help make it easier for others and myself to locate other people who might enjoy being naked without fearing sexual motivations. I live in Indiana and while it has many resorts, it is difficult to find others nearby that I can associate with and hopefully find others that would be willing to work with me in developing content for my blog. MY blog is currently a work in progress and if you'd like to check it out, its called nudistconsortium.com. Feel free to contact me here at true nudists, or email me through my website by writing to joey@nudistconsortium.com. I truly hope to find local nudists that believe in the true essence of nudism. Thank you!

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