Rules for posting in here

Please follow these


When using the forums, please follow the following rules.1. Be polite, even during controversial topics, name calling is not necessary or constructive.2. No promoting products or services on the forum.3. Please keep the forum non-sexual. No erotic...

Spring morning stroll in the yard

I live on the back half of 6 acres. Bordered by trees on most of three sides. I have a eastern red cedar wind break planted across the front yard. My nearest neighbor is about 300 yards away near the road. I live about300 yards from the road.I...

Barefoot or not

I think when you are naked you should also be barefoot. Anyone have any opinions on this?

Order of posts - last page error

Some of the threads here are very long (old). I usually like to visit the last page first. If you click on the "on the double right arrow" you usually get a blank page. It is tedious to click the last visible page, then scroll down and...

Locker rooms and erections.

I havent been able to go to a locker room in a gym cause Im gay and afraid of an erection. Im am a nudist at home and want to get comfortable in areas first that it is technically permitted to be nude. Im very comfortable be naked in front of men but...

Are there rules and etiquette for Mods on...

I have been on vacation and hence had more time for chat room this past week. I have been banned twice: Once for moving to music while laying down. I think my boobs moved a bit and that was apparently offensive although there was no intention of...

What are the tags - textile, barefoot,...

What are the tags - textile, barefoot, undies, ... ultra-nudist ? I seemed to have moved from textile to barefoot without seemingly doing anything. How does one "upgrade"?

Nude meet in Mumbai on 22nd September

Will be in Mumbai . Planning to host a nude meet on 22nd. Anyone interested in joining ping with their number. Timepassers and sex seekers stay away. This is just a normal meet. The meet location will be nearby airport.

wearing a cockring

I would be interested in opinions and thought on wearing a cockring in nudist situation s. I like to wear one as a piece of jewelry. Have a few that are pieces of silver jewelry. My body is in pretty good shape when wearing one i usually get a few...

Wearing an Ear Ring

I have one, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love the feel of a ring in my ear specially when nude. I love nothing better than walking along the nude beach with it dangling from my huge lobe. I can feel the admiring glances from women. Anyone else...

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