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looking for new jersey nudists for a get...

We are a mature couple from New Jersey and are looking for other nudists to hang out with. IF interested contact us at we will tell you more then. T & S

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chat room

whats wrong with chat cant get in. i just paid waste of money i think

Going alone

What are your ideas on people going to nudist camps or colonies alone. I go alone only because I haven't met someone that enjoys being nude in public. In the past I've only gone on a Monday when it's slower and less people but now I can...


What has happened to the 'time indicators' in groups and messages? All I see now is a number (say, 2), but it sometimes means '2 hours ago', sometimes '2 days ago', sometimes 2 weeks, or even 2 months. Very annoying when...


I am looking to rent a room. Is there anyone out there that is looking for a roommate and has a room to rent?

Why is a naked body viewed by the general...

I like to be naked as much as I can , it just feels liberating , I just dont understand how in the 21st century people are shocked by seeing a naked person , whenever there are naked people the media warns everyone of Xrated stuff going on . It seems...

Join a Location, How to?

What is the trick to joining a Location? I've tried several times by clicking on the Join Location tab but I keep getting a notice that I am a visitor and do I want to leave the Location.


Hi as i have been let down i am looking for either a couple or female to go to the Algarve with me in Sept,Villa is paid for and so is car hire all you need is your flights and spends,

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Certified Forum Access

Hi Everyone, I had my account certified but yet I still can't access the certified users section of the forum. Any ideas why?

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