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Nudist Female Housemate Required Northen...

Hey, I'm looking for a femle nudist housemate to share a 3 bedroom home in the northern Gold Coast. Rent of $220 per eek includes unlimited nbn internet, foxtel and netflix. Power additional. Must love cats also. Please message on here first and...

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This Is ANNIE OF SamAndAnnie, I deleted my short lived personal account. It was to much trouble explaining it. Sam and I have been here for over two years. We are in a business. so no pictures. No one bothered me until I signed on with a personal...

Why are they deleting my photos?

My photos follow the rules, why do you delete them? I'd like to know what's going on in this community, maybe I'll stop using it. I feel annoyed.

Asian/Indian Nudist

Are there any Asian or Indian Nudist in the USA? If so where are you located

Erection Pics

Has Truenudist's policy on pictures of guys with erections and girls with spread legs pussy shots changed? I ask because there are now a lot of those pics on peoples profiles. I thought that every picture someone puts up has to be approved first...

Overcoming fear

Ever since I was like 5 years old, I've had a fear of being naked. All these years later and I've done nothing about it and I've finally had enough. I need to make a change and be more comfortable with nudity. Does anyone have any tips...

Certification is still working?

question, it has passed more than 48 hours and still no answer. Does the certification still work?

Birmingham sunbathe in the garden

Hello all Nudists Who want to join me for naked sunbathe in the garden, please let me know?

Nudity is joy and happiness

Nudity is the greatest thing in life. It makes you live like Adams and eve.

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