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I can not add locations to my home page.

Hi,Every time I try to add a location to my page I keep getting the message" You are currently a visitor here. Remove ...........?Removing .................................. willRemove it from your locations list"It is allowing me to remove...

Nude sunbathing areas on Long Island / NYC...

After Hurricane Sandy destroyed Lighthouse Beach at Robert Moses Field 5, nude sunbathing ceased to be allowed there. Can someone recommend another area on the south shore of Long Island, or even in the NYC or New Jersey area, that I can visit to...

App for TrueNudists

Why isnt there a cell phone app for this particular site? Many people here would appreciate access seeing people of like minds through their cell phones. Is your communication, more access to pictures, faster pictures because the camera is attached...

The ernstwhile practice of swimming nude in...

I was just browsing on another site and came across a discussion on the "barbaric past practice of forcing boys to swim nude in PE class". Yes...I'm one of those supposed "victims" of the system....except I think of it more as...

Needed Nudist Roommate

Looking for a male nudist roommate. I have a condo in Pismo Beach CA. and have a 15x15 to for rent. Perfur a male gay nudist. The condo is just blocks from the beach, the room rent is $700. a month (plus $700. security deposit). Nudity is required...

being naked in own garden

hi is anyone aware of the uk law on sunbathing naked in own garden as i have heard that you need permission from your neighbor in case it causes them offence apparently this is a relatively new law that not many people know of. anyone any knowledge...

Searching for a Nudist House Mate

Well I'm not really sure where to start, so I thought why not start a forum thread. Great place to collect tips, and for others to share their success / failures.If you found this because you are looking for a place, even better. 2 bedrooms for...

Nudist Roommates in DC/Northern Virginia?

Okay, so like many of you my husband and I love being naked. So we thought it would be awesome to find a space to share with other nudists. We are looking for a clothing optional or nudist/naturist friendly environment to live in (Northern Virginia)...

Picture (Media)

My pictures are only allowed to see friends , why can a user , whose profile is displayed privately , view my picture . Greetings Ludwig

Nudist male housemate needed, Portland Or

Looking for a responsible male housemate July 1. Great house with private backyard, hardwood floors, great neighborhood and very reasonable rent. Contact me for details. Bonus if nudist or nude friendly.

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