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For what reason

I have just been kicked out of the chatroom for no apparent reason, I was on cam, sat in my robe, not exposing anyone, my face was shown but got kicked out, why?

help me rosey

havent a clue why we have been banned, and u help

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I can not add locations to my home page.

Hi,Every time I try to add a location to my page I keep getting the message" You are currently a visitor here. Remove ...........?Removing .................................. willRemove it from your locations list"It is allowing me to remove...

Nudist Exploration

Hey folks, I am a student researcher from Belfast, UK (07459358044) trying to optimize Car engine manufacturing process. i am quiet shy and closed. But this time I want to explore and enjoy without inhibitions. Great if we can catch-up, request for...

Chatroom Ban

This is strange! I logged into the chatroom, went to make coffee, and when I came back it said I was kicked out by Les-Sharon. Here's the thing-my laptop was in my bedroom. My camera is in the living room. So it wasn't because of anything on...

Where did my photo go

I put a photo up and it was cleared and visible on my profile for about half a day, then suddenly it disappeared. It was a body shot with no face, but definitely not genital focused or erotic or otherwise against the rules for media.Has anyone else...

Naturism and Body Image

I have found, having been a naturist since I was a teenager, that my outlook on what constitutes attractiveness, both in women and in myself, has changed drastically due to visiting naturist communities and resorts. Even though I was an early...

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Naked area

We are traveling to Tennessee in a few weeks any naked place we can visit. Will be around Knoxville. Any help,or ideas would be great. Thanks

Chatroom rules

I was suspended from the chatroom by NudeIcarus for posting a link to Google Maps after being asked for a good place to skinny dip. (Lumb Hole Falls, above Hebdon Bridge, UK). I was told that posting links was against the rules. My problem is that I...

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