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Rule for posting photos not applied equally...

So these are the rules for uploading media to TN: 1. No headless shots allowed if genitals are shown, PARTIAL FACE must at least be shown 2. Pictures must be nudist-friendly. No voyeuristic, exhibitionist photos 3. No sexual pictures, erections,...

My Nudism Experience in Spain

It's been 3 years since I moved here in Spain and the freedom & nudism here is very nice. I like how it's part of their culture and there are lots of accessible nudist beaches around. However, nudist people here are quite segregated. As a...

Collins Beach, OR

Tomorrow, Tuesday, might be the last day of the year to make it out to Collins Beach, Oregon for some sunbathing. Feeling excited to get naked, even if no one is there. I usually can't take long walks anymore or I get in trouble. I'll be...

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In Singapore Oct. 10-14

Any gay/bi guys around then--please message me.

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Rules for posting

- Sexually Suggestive Topics will be deleted. - Topics promoting Other websites or deemed SPAM will be deleted. - Trolling or posts deemed to be rude will be deleted - No pornographic links - Although it is not a deletable offense, please refrain...

nude outdoors

anyone know of an area in niagara recion canada where you can get naked not a nudist resort

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How Do You Flag a Profile?

I tried to report a member for harassment and the only recourse I had according to the instructions was to flag her profile. I went to her profile and can't find where to flag it. Can somebody help me?

Spam Messages

Why do I label things as Spam in my messages only to have them reappear? I don't understand this. I would appreciate some clarification. Dan

A question/concern from a proud nudist . . .

I am new to the site, a member for fewer than two weeks and, gratefully, I have already made friends. However, I do have a question/concern. Nudism is a lifestyle that I assume we all embrace and nothing for which to be ashamed. And it is a social...

New to nudism -scaaaaaary

Hi all! So I recently turn 40 and as part of my goals for the future I want to (for the first time ever) learn to accept myself and start loving me in my own skin. Something I never managed to do no matter how much I tried. I never tried nudism...

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