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I may sound boring but...

Hello everyone, I am not sure if I am supposed to post this here or on other forum areas, I wasn't even sure if I were to post this in the first place. The reason is because it may sound boring, and I apologize for that in advance. I know that...

Code needed to send messages

Hi all, I tried sending an email to an existing friend and it required me to enter a code. However, I could not see the box containing the code, just the box where I was to enter the code. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.

Fresh faces???

I am a paid in full member but every time time I sign on I get the same old faces and bodies in the opening scenes,come on and wake up, we paid good money to just be on here and what the hell good are you, ok so once in a while you put up a new and...

Not understanding Admins picture removal

So I just joined yesterday and I uploaded a picture I like of Chuck Norris. Which I realize is that it is a copyrighted image, but Ive never had problems with that on any other site; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Later that day I uploaded two...

Looking for a nudist roommate

Professional guy, single/divorced, interested in finding a chill, REAL nudist to share expenses. I own my own home, nice older home in a safe clean neighborhood. Only TRUE nudists and serious minded need respond. I love the outdoors, music, movies...

looking for women by nature

I'm looking for women who want to chat with me naked on Skype. if there are any, then visit me on Skype. male sex, please do not disturb. I love only women by nature .

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Cedar Hills Campground Wisconsin

Been thinking of checking this place out. More of a home nudist would love to explore other places. I am a single male and would be camping alone. If anyone could give me some feed back it would be greatly appreciated.

Filipino nudist

Sino po mga Filipino dito sa may pag kakatoon na mag kita kita tayo

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nudist area

Going near Collingwood Ontario this summer late June anyone know of any secluded areas for nudists husband and wife ?

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