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wearing a cockring

I would be interested in opinions and thought on wearing a cockring in nudist situation s. I like to wear one as a piece of jewelry. Have a few that are pieces of silver jewelry. My body is in pretty good shape when wearing one i usually get a few...

Photo approval?

It seems cropped photos are no longer cutting it on this site...I take pictures totally within the guidelines and they don't get approved...anyone else have this problem?

Mandatory Certification

When viewing the forum sorted by newest to oldest, I saw a post recommending mandatory certification within one year of registration. I could not open the full post because it is in the certified users only area. In my opinion, I think this is a...

nude beach near Pensacola

if more nudists knew about johnsons beach more would use the beach like navarr'e beach used to be and maybe we would get a legal nude beach in our area our economy could also use more tourism $$ .

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2018 fantasy fest

Hi to everyone We are a nudist / slightly naughty couple from Australia early 60's / late 50's. We are travelling to Key West in October for the Fantasy Fest. if any couples would like to give us any advice for our time in Key West or indeed...

Carolina Buffers from Columbia, SC ; sound...

Welcome Carolina fans! The Carolina Buffers miss our host greatly, Walt was a special guy. I depended on Walt to provide kinship for all male garden parties, hang around the pool and meet sometimes in the bunk house. The new owners continue to host...

skype call introducing newbies to social...

My closet nudist facebook page is trying to promote nudism to people who have only tried nudism on their own but are branching out to try nudism in a social setting. We are having a private (invite only) nude skype of up to 14 people this Saturday...

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Has any one had a nude massage by a...

we have a therapist who does great work. It is nice not having a towel or sheet to get in the way. Has anyone else had one.

Certified user cant see certified only pics

I recently completed my profile certification and have been successfully approved, however I am unable to see any pics that are marked as certified users only or join the message areas for certified users. The error returned says that Im either not...

Added nude certification photo to my media...

Hi, Not sure if this is the right place so please point me in the right direction if it isn't. This morning I uploaded my photos for the certification process. I then added the nude photo to my photos, like a lot of others do, but it was removed...

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