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How can i find someone around my age (22) to...

Hello,I am a 22 year old male looking to find someone my age to hang out and go to the nude beach or cypress cove resort with me. (near orlando). I have many non nudist friends but they think i am crazy for going to these types of places. I do have a...

Weird posts are hacks?

There have been a couple of obviously flaggable posts today, both apparently made by members who've been on the site for several years and who have fairly ordinary profiles. Oddly, the forum posts don't appear in those members' feeds,...

no chat

we paid money for this site and noanswer from site owners why chat room not working

blocked from chat

not sure why I was blocked but think I was sitting fwd typing thus face not on cam but there is no way to explain or go back to chat roomvery disappointed blocked by evans here

The Villages, FL. Area

i moved to the villages, Fl. a few years ago and now want to meet other nudist in The Villages, FL. Lady Lake, FL. Willwood, FL. and Leesburg, FL. Please check out my profile and help me work on my tan. I am a AANR member and would love to help...

Transgender and certification

So I am a "true nudist" and I am a real girl. I would love to get certified. Unfortunately I am a "transsexual"girl, and entirely pre-transition. I am concerned about getting denied because my physical gender in the photo does not...

Insensitive moderators in the chat

Insensitive moderators in the chatI simply asked if there are any gay men in the chat and was banned. It is not illegal to be gay. If my preference is to chat with other gay, male nudists, then why should I be banned? If I was a mechanic and wanted...

Stupid rules

This is not original nudies site because if we nude in this site, they are block us. therefore this is useless nudie's site

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