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Photo approval?

It seems cropped photos are no longer cutting it on this site...I take pictures totally within the guidelines and they don't get approved...anyone else have this problem?

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applied for certification

Hi There I have applied to be certified but nothing has happened and it is over a week now. I submitted my 2 pics and it said downloaded but the pics did not show in the box, do I need to reduce the size first, wondering if that is the cause.

Old Topic probably Can you lookup your PM...

Does anyone know if u can bring back your private chat message history and how?

Where are the instructions for becoming...

Could not find the instructions for becoming a certified member.

Polo Beach - Oahu

Hi everyone, we are planning to be in /on Oahu in may and looking to visit Polo beach - is anyone able to provide an update on this location ? appreciate some local or recent feedback Thanks Gregg & Annie

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Someone is impersonating me, using my photos...

The user greeninnature has stolen my pictures from my tumlbr ( ) and has made a profile on this site. I would really like them to take the fake profile down, or I would like this site to take it down. I have already...

Old vintage nudist photos

I enjoy seeing the older nudist photos, when everyone still had their bush. The new fad of shaving is just bizarre to me. One will see a male with a hairy chest, hairy legs, and then his crotch shaved. Doesn't look attractive to me.

Last log in dates

When I access the search area and look for people in my area and others within say 25 miles of me and as it did today showed me 60+ people who were members but after the first page of 10 the remainder had not logged into the site for over ayear. If...

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