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Why so many pretend couples on the site?

I don't quite understand why there are so many pretend couples on this site.. a lot of the profiles are shown as "couples" but then written somewhere obscurely will be "my wife is not a nudist anymore" or some such similar...

Indiana nude resorts

We are taking a week long trip and would like to visit some nudist resorts along the way. We are wondering if there are going to be any TN members that will be visiting any resorts next week. We are going through Indiana, possibly Ohio and Tennessee.

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Agist posts

This will be a bit of a controversial topic, but imagine if someone said "no offence, but I don't accept friend requests from black people". That person would and should be shamed off this site. Yet I just read . profile that said...

Which is better: Online friends you'll...

Hi, I was wondering which one of the two is better as I don't have any experience of social nudism, I just had virtual chats with people I met here. All of them were nice to me but then everybody gets busy in there lives and then we lose...

I've given up finding women on this site.

I have had bad experiences trying to connect with women on this site. There are obvious posts by women who blatantly advertise that they are call girls. There are others that have ordinary-looking profiles who really call girls. I connected with a...

wearing a cockring

I would be interested in opinions and thought on wearing a cockring in nudist situation s. I like to wear one as a piece of jewelry. Have a few that are pieces of silver jewelry. My body is in pretty good shape when wearing one i usually get a few...

Experienced Pro Photographer Looking for...

Please do check out my work at (NSFW) and read my profile and then feel free to contact me if interested in finding out more.

delete messages

how to delete messages permanently? If I "click" on delete it always comes back. I did with my problem to the management I never get a response (this is often the case)


It shows on my feed that I was certified in September of 2020, yet I can't see any pictures that require certification!! Why is that?

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