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name change?

Is there any way to change the fake name? This crazy name was somehow automatically generated when I signed up, I don't like it, prefer to use my own name since I have no need to conceal myself with a fake identity. Real name is Reuben Titus. I...

Phoenix area male nudists to hang out Fri...

Hello there fellow nudists. I just had shoulder surgery and wanted to invite friends to visit tomorrow for day of relaxation and good food. Text or email for address and contact info. Thank you.

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Bartlett Lake and Jetskiing

Bartlett Lake n Jetskiing, Meetup 9/20/17. 8:15am in front of old Basha's by Circle K and Dutch Bros. at 20745 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Then we head to the lake. I have room for four riders if needed and have a pass. $8 to park at...

Family trips

We've always taken our girls on our vacations to places we've been before because of the obvious there a certain age? Or particular places that they(we as a family) wouldn't be afraid to take their clothes off.they are not shy,...

I can't understand why people don't...

I try to join others for fun but get nothing back saying that they want to meet me or attend one of their get togethers...they say they want friends but what gives on this matter anyway ? aznudist/gregory.

looking for new jersey nudists for a get...

We are a mature couple from New Jersey and are looking for other nudists to hang out with. IF interested contact us at we will tell you more then. T & S

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chat room

whats wrong with chat cant get in. i just paid waste of money i think


What has happened to the 'time indicators' in groups and messages? All I see now is a number (say, 2), but it sometimes means '2 hours ago', sometimes '2 days ago', sometimes 2 weeks, or even 2 months. Very annoying when...


I am looking to rent a room. Is there anyone out there that is looking for a roommate and has a room to rent?