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Skiathos 2017 Greek Islands

Will anybody be visiting skiathos this year? Over for wedding anniversary on 2/6/17 for a week then back for 2 weeks in September from 15/9/17 its lovely and quiet then and the beds are removed slowly taking the beach back to its natural beauty. Be...

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Anyone know naturist beaches around...

We are coming to benidorm/Alicante area shortly. Does anyone know which is the best naturist beach to go to.? We prefer Sandy Beach, preferably without gays carrying out sexual acts. We are into naturism not sex. I have been on beaches at carabassi...

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Looking for a partner

I'm new to this site and nudism. I've been a home nudist for years and want to visit a resort. There is a local one, Blue Lake Resort in Erie, IL, but they only allow couples, which I understand. I'm trying to find someone to accompany me...

Give a warning BEFORE eviction from a room

It seems moderators have "special anointing" for determining the social conscience of the room, it would seem appropriate for the moderator to issue a warning to an offensive user that they WILL BE evicted if conversation/action, etc. is...

Life Model, very amatuer Photographer wants...

brought a nice camera and kit last year, done a few scenery shots and like what i have done, would love to have a models that would not mind having there photos taken, you never know i could get a great shot for you?...

Got muted for asking a simple question.

Hey, i just asked in the chat "who uses a penis ring? :) " just because i had a question, and a mod instantly muted me, wow... They either are too sensitive or think i meant it sexually... I just had a question about it, anyways, how long...

Nude photos

I am looking for someone in the Memphis, Tn. area to take nude photos of me. Possibly outside photos.

Photos on profile page

Why aren't my photos showing on my profile page? I can see them on my home page.

Photo approval?

It seems cropped photos are no longer cutting it on this site...I take pictures totally within the guidelines and they don't get approved...anyone else have this problem?

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applied for certification

Hi There I have applied to be certified but nothing has happened and it is over a week now. I submitted my 2 pics and it said downloaded but the pics did not show in the box, do I need to reduce the size first, wondering if that is the cause.

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