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Hi all

Hello everybody. My name is Alex I am 37 years old and I am 7 years old. I am a nudist. My beginnings in nudism are funny because before I knew what it was about, I thought that when a person was naked it meant sex and that in the Latino culture in...

Why do less Female nudists active in...

The recently there was a writeup regarding the female harassment and less participation of female naturist in social Medea. I see this sight also have less and less female participation. what are your thoughts? web post:...

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Posting photos using mobile device

I'm new to this website. I'd like to know if I can post photos using my mobile device or not. Thanks

Latest PostYes you can.
by Mcdcvs 

Any couples know of any good nudist resorts in new York or ohio ?

Nudists in Nebraska

I just finished reviewing the Nebraska members of this group. I found 555 of which 90% have no profile and haven't even visited the site in 3 or 4 years. If things have changed in your life and you no longer wish to be active then just log off....

Nudist in Puerto Vallarta. Looking to...

Hi all any nudist in Puerto Vallarta like to meet.... Socialise... Here for 2 1/2 more weeks. Also good at massage. Paul

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Getting funny texts from drunks that...

Has anyone had someone text you when they are drunk and say thinks they probably shouldn't or wouldn't have if not drunk? Maybe you sent one that you shouldn't have? My wife got one from a client the other day and it was hilarious!

Going alone

What are your ideas on people going to nudist camps or colonies alone. I go alone only because I haven't met someone that enjoys being nude in public. In the past I've only gone on a Monday when it's slower and less people but now I can...