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Gay Nudist but not Sexual desire

Hi guys, This is something very personal and truly frustrating. I would like to know if anyone is in the same situation or if it is just me. I am a gay man who loves nudism. I love to be naked and I also appreciate and love to see other people...

wearing a cockring

I would be interested in opinions and thought on wearing a cockring in nudist situation s. I like to wear one as a piece of jewelry. Have a few that are pieces of silver jewelry. My body is in pretty good shape when wearing one i usually get a few...

Raw food naturists?

I know there are some naturist farmers on site? Any raw food farmers who live off your land primarily and resist dressing up your food?

delete messages

how to delete messages permanently? If I "click" on delete it always comes back. I did with my problem to the management I never get a response (this is often the case)

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Rules for posting photos

I have to admit, I'm a little miffed. I had a photo deleted, and told to "please follow the guidelines for posting photos." The only problem is, the photo in no way violated any of the guidelines! When I asked why the photo was...

Nudism in Cyprus

We are aware that naturism in Cyprus is not legal but have heard that there are many places where nudism is tolerated. We are trying to buy a house for when we move over there next year and was thinking of setting up a private exclusive club for...


Some folks get wrapped up in words and dupe themselves or others into thinking that nudism/naturism is something difficult to defend. Sometimes language simply gets in the way, traps us, or fails to cut through opponents' frame of mind. We...

Certified but not?

Hi, I recently got my TN certification but I'm still not allowed in certain certified areas or seeing certified photos. What's going on here?

Meet Up Announcement : Goa, India : June 2019

Hello All, We are small group of nudist (5 of us, of both genders) who do regular meetups at isolated places in Goa. This time we have decided to introduce new members to our group and hopefully build a secret community in Goa. If you are seeking...

Melanoma and Nudity

In December 2016, I was successfully treated for a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) and have been strongly advised by my dermatologist to limit my exposure to the sunshine. Melanoma is to be taken seriously, as in some forms it can spread throughout...