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Nudists who are surgically challanged

Having been a nudist/naturalist for most of my life I had never really given thought to those among us who through surgery are no longer perfect in body. Irecently had to undergo bladder removal surgery and so now have an urostomy bag. This is no big...

Nudist gay male looking for a room to rent in...

Hello guys, I am looking for a room (with double bed) to rent in London, preferably zone 2 and , if possible, only with another flatmate. just a bit of info about myself: 35 years old, professional. I have been in London for the past 5 years (moving...

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Profile picture

How do you change your profile picture?

For what reason

I have just been kicked out of the chatroom for no apparent reason, I was on cam, sat in my robe, not exposing anyone, my face was shown but got kicked out, why?

help me rosey

havent a clue why we have been banned, and u help

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Nudist Exploration

Hey folks, I am a student researcher from Belfast, UK (07459358044) trying to optimize Car engine manufacturing process. i am quiet shy and closed. But this time I want to explore and enjoy without inhibitions. Great if we can catch-up, request for...

Chatroom Ban

This is strange! I logged into the chatroom, went to make coffee, and when I came back it said I was kicked out by Les-Sharon. Here's the thing-my laptop was in my bedroom. My camera is in the living room. So it wasn't because of anything on...

Where did my photo go

I put a photo up and it was cleared and visible on my profile for about half a day, then suddenly it disappeared. It was a body shot with no face, but definitely not genital focused or erotic or otherwise against the rules for media.Has anyone else...

Naked area

We are traveling to Tennessee in a few weeks any naked place we can visit. Will be around Knoxville. Any help,or ideas would be great. Thanks

Chatroom rules

I was suspended from the chatroom by NudeIcarus for posting a link to Google Maps after being asked for a good place to skinny dip. (Lumb Hole Falls, above Hebdon Bridge, UK). I was told that posting links was against the rules. My problem is that I...

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