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I rigged up an outdoor shower on our Grand Design Reflection 303RLS late in the season this year. I only got to use it once at Sun Aura (a nude campground in northern Indiana) before the weather got cold.

This past weekend, we were camping at Brown County State Park in Indiana, and I decided to try the outdoor shower, regardless of the weather and the fact that this is not a nude campground. I got up early and set up the outdoor shower in a sweatshirt and a thong. At 6:30 in the morning and in 48-degree weather, I got naked and took an outdoor shower. The weather was cold, but the warm shower felt amazing!

It was still dark out, but I had turned on some blue LED lights that are located under the nearby slide to be able to see what I was doing, so I was pretty much spotlighted. Since it was late in the season, there were few campers around, but the nearest rig had lights on inside. I don't know if anyone saw me showering, but no one complained!

I'll definitely be using this outdoor shower more often next year!

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RE:Outdoor Shower

My camper has a pass-thru shower head which I think is the most amazing feature. The only issue is that it is a small camper and the pass-thru is very close to the door. Anytime that I've used it (which has only been pretty infrequent) it makes a mess by the door. Despite that, I've used it a few times and there is nothing quite like an outdoor shower! Plus, it doesn't fill up the grey / black tanks...so win / win!

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RE:Outdoor Shower

We have an Open Range by Highland and have outdoor shower connections. Have used it several times and love it. We did cut down a wood pallet to stand on as some campsites are on dirt. We love using the outdoor shower far more than the one inside the coach. We did use it one night at a KOA in Tucson after returning from an evening outside at the aircraft boneyard. Sweaty and no one was parked on the side with the shower connection just a service road so stripped and cleaned up. Was very exhilarating to know someone could pull up or drive down the road at any time.

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