Cap d'Agde, France: Naturist Village

Ever dreamed of being able to have a 24/7 nudist experience? Since my introduction to nudism, I certainly have. Resorts are abundant here and many have wonderful facilities, but still you are confined to the grounds of the resort while enjoying nudist activities.

How about Europe? In general Europe is far more progressive where it comes to nudists and have more nude beaches and other venues for nudists to enjoy. Having just visited Europe not long ago, I had such a wonderful time that already Im anxious to return and when I do, this time I definitely will be incorporating clothing optional into my travel plans.

A little research led me to the web site of Cap d'Agde, a naturist village in France, just a few kilometers from Montpellier. I actually passed very close to this area on my previous trip but of course was unaware of it at the time. Cap d Agde boasts that it is one of the worlds best clothing-optional, naturist villages and resorts and one of the ultimate places to spend time in the buff. Based on what Ive read they seem to be right! This naturism resort is an enclosed, self-contained village where nudists can enjoy not just the usual nudist resort fare like sunbathing and swimming but can also do every day things like going to the bank, post office, restaurants and launderette, all while nude. Located on the Mediterranean, guests can also enjoy the 1.25 mile, 100 yard wide, naturist beach, clothes free, just as nature intended.

In addition to the beach, the resort offers a spa, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes I addition to the more mundane facilities mentioned earlier. Principal accommodations are apartments and a 48 room hotel. Camping is also available but probably more convenient for local guests than for tourists.

Here is review submitted by one British couple after their visit that I found published on the web site:

Just a few brief notes on our recent first visit to Naturiste Village of Cap d'Agde.

Impressions are as follows:

Beautiful clean beaches, we are beach lovers who have travelled the beaches of the Med, and these at Cap d'Agde are hard to beat. The acceptance, attitude to and lack of inhibitions amongst the naturists here, are as we have found in the South of France, refreshing and exhilarating.

The village has a great mixture of bars, restaurants and clubs. We particularly like the restaurant Calypso right on the beach for its fresh grilled fish and good salads. (All at sensible prices). We liked the Melrose Bar for it's liveliness, good music, good bar and serving staff, and a great venue for letting your hair down and having fun. We didn't sample any of the clubs, (there's only so much you can see and do in a long weekend), but they look to cater for all tastes.

Accommodation is varied and plentiful, (apartments, hotel and camping). Finally, it's great to have a place where you can live for a short while without clothes if you wish, dress outrageously for the evening if you wish, but at the same time be under no pressure whatsoever to wear or do anything you are uncomfortable with. Travel to the Cap is easy and reasonably priced from the UK, we are lucky as we live only a couple of hours away. Wishing all current and future visitors lots of fun and joy at the Cap. We are going back later in July for more, it really is a great and different place for stays long or short. We'll write more about our next visit.

For Europeans and for any who may have a European trip on their horizon, Cap d'Agde sounds like a delightful destination. I know I will certainly be giving a visit there serious consideration on my next visit to the South of France.

For more complete information, visit their web site at

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RE: Cap d'Agde, France: Naturist Village

thanks for the information , i will visit cap'dagde by end of May , there is another useful site : to meet there lot of friends . hope

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RE: Cap d'Agde, France: Naturist Village

thanks for the information , i will visit cap'dagde by end of May , there is another useful site : to meet there lot of friends . hope
Thanks for the information! I hope you will share a report on your visit after you return. I always value personal experiences when choosing resorts to visit.

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RE: Cap d'Agde, France: Naturist Village

Hello, Nuderunr: I thought that I would add my two cents' worth to this entry. I lived in France for 12 years, and on several occasions had the chance to visit/stay at Cap d'Agde. It is a nice place to be nude when and where one wishes. However, I think the rosy picture of being nude 24/7 is a bit blurred by the reality. I am basing this last comment on remarks that I have read in a Yahoo group I belong to. It seems that things have changed over the years, and that the fact that many people dress in the evening takes away from the round-the-clock nudist lifestyle. Anyway the debate rages on. Here is the link to the Yahoo group if you are interested. I have my email set up so that message posts are sent as they come in. It is interesting to see the various points of view. You can also ask questions of the other group members to get a clearer picture of life at Cap d'Agde. Here is the link I hope that my contribution is of some help to you and others who are considering a trip there. Would I recommend it? Definitely. Just be prepared for what you might expect by doing as much homework as possible. I would rather see your expectations be met and even exceeded rather than dimmed once you get there. Stay nude and enjoy. You (and other TN members) can send me a message directly if you have specific questions about the Cap. (In English or French) Take care, luvsand
Thank you so much for the personal insight and the link to the group. I definitely am interested in visiting this resort and am very pleased to know someone that has been there. I will likely have some questions for you.

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RE: Cap d'Agde, France: Naturist Village

Thanks again nuderunr, for yet another GREAT post!


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Cap d'Agde

I went to Cap d'Agde this October. Don't go out of season as the whole place is shut and the weather isn't all that great. It is a little dated but is still functional and heavily geared to being nude all day. The nightlife however is heavily slanted towards the adult swingers lifestyle. There are a lot of "lifestyle" shops that are geared towards fetish clothing which is ok if thats what you are looking for. It is definitely worth a visit as the beach is beautiful and I have no doubt that in season it will be very busy. The food and scenery in the area is wonderful and I had many a really pleasant walk.

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Cap--the brighter side

Thanks for the input from all regarding this nudist "town". I've been interested in visiting Cap in the future, and it's always good to know what to expect. I'm especially interested in camping here for a week or so as part of a bicycling tour. I'm not so concerned with the night life, as when I tour I basically sleep when the sunsets anyways. Sounds more like the days there are relatively wholesome but the dark side comes out at night if one is looking for it.
Please post any future info you find out about Cap, especially the brighter side. It would help my future plans.

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RE: Cap--the brighter side

Now, if I could just win the lottery or land that dream job!


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Recent Visit to Cap d'Agde

My wife and I spent a week there this past July. It was a very
interesting experience. I'll start by saying that if you want a
relaxing naturist vacation that isn't sexually focused, then I wouldn't
recommend it. We are from the US and did a lot of investigating before
deciding to go. My wife and I are into the wilder sexual lifestyle, so
we decided to give it a try after reading about it. Many of the posts
I've seen here and on other websites are from people that either
haven't been there or aren't swingers or the closely related
voyers/exhibitionists. We have been in the lifestyle for about 4 years
now, so we have some experience with it. We found Cap d'Agde to be a
lifestyle oriented environment. There are families there, but not very
many in the prime season (July - August). The majority of the people
we met were middle aged swingers. Most of them were from Europe and
there were only a few Americans there. The age range is 20's to 60's
as the average, but there are some a little younger and some a lot
older. Your average couple is late 30's to late 40's.
are many posts displaying concern about getting dressed up at night, as
if that takes away something from the sexual nature of the
environment. Trust me, it does not! At night, the entire place (a
small city) is turned into a sexual extravaganza. Don't get me wrong,
they aren't doing it on the streets or like a wild Roman orgy. People
dress very sexy and/or slutty. Many people show off their favorite
body parts with see through shirts and skirts so short you might as
well not being wearing one. Basically, the night life centers on
exhibitionism and meeting other people. It's kind of like foreplay for
the swinging nightlife. If your not into the lifestyle or
exhibitionism, then you want to avoid going out after 10:00 PM.
you are a single guy reading this and getting excited, don't get your
hopes up. As you've probably seen in other posts, the single guys end
up on the "couples" beach beating off. That's because you need a
"Ticket" to get into the swing clubs or to meet and party with any
other couple. There are very few to no single women, so you have to
meet another couple if you want to "play" with someone. The only way
to do that is with a willing woman of your own.
The beach is
nice. The water is a little cold, but I am used to the warm waters of
Florida. The surf is usually calm and the sand is fine grained. The
beach near the resort area is the family beach where you will see kids
in bathing suits and some naked. If you go farther east, you can't go
west due to an inlet, you come to the couple beach known as "The Bay of
Pigs". This is where the swingers and "pervs" go during the day to
hang out. You will see sex acts on the beach in the daytime, and there
will be crowds around watching. Sometimes, you will hear a cheer from
them! We went in early July and we didn't see any police on the
beach. There were lifeguards there, but they didn't stop anything.
The sex on the beach is not extremely obvious. People will lay ontop
of one another and slowly go at it so as not to be too obvious. They
may get more flagrant when a crowd encircles them and blocks the view
of the lifeguards. There are single guys beating off while watching
the show. Yes, it is a "show". The people being watched want to be.
The people watching want to watch. Some of them want to join in, but
no one ever does that without an invite. Not even the horny single
guys. You don't have to be concerned about being pressured into sex
with strangers. No one forces themselves on you there. If you say no,
it really does mean no.
Hopefully, this post gives you a feel
for what it is like there. Of course, this is coming from a couple
that is in the lifestyle. If you are not at least interested in the
lifestyle, then Cap d'Agde is probably a little too sluty/seedy for
you. If you are into it, it is a great vacation that you will never
forget. The part I will remember more than anything esle is that we got
to go grocery shopping in the nude! That was a truely unique
experience that you just can't do anywhere in the US, or probably
anywhere else in the world!
We're going back next summer!

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RE: Recent Visit to Cap d'Agde

Hi play4fun thanks for the comments on cap d agde & all that it offers im a single guy looking for a nice single lady although i have had a little fun [just a lttle] with the male sex. I was thinking about booking up for this resort for july 2010 this resort would be my first yes first naturist experience abroad .Cap d agde sticks out at me for that little bit different [exciting] lifestyle i like the swinging part that doesnt bother me atall but i am dissapointed with the lack of single females as that was the main reason for me choosing cap d .I would really love to meet someone who shares the same interest for naturism as i do & that is not very easy where i live in the UK .It looks like i may need to "shop around" before i make my choice of 2010 naked fun best regards david.

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RE: Recent Visit to Cap d'Agde

great US people in cap 'adge
here the best period is summer time since june to end of sptember, but price are like the sun hot
when i go to agde i useto ask this real estate agengy :

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