A Speedo Experience

Went to a Northern Michigan beach yesterday and had a few interesting instances, both involving the same two young women, about 25 years old. For the first time at that beach wore my Speedo from the parking lot to the secluded skinny-dipping area. It had not seen any sun so far this summer. It is also a good place to spread the Speedo fashion. There is a short path from the parking lot through the woods lot to where it comes out on the soft sand. The hard sand is at the shore, about 75 feet from the path. When I hit the beach and looked up to where I wanted to go to get to the shore I saw one of the women lifting her shirt and showing what appeared to be her smooth crotch! As I walked behind them, the other one looked at me with the expression she had never seen a guy in a Speedo in real life. The other woman bent over and I could see she was not showing off her goodies, but was wearing nude panties. Seems they came to the beach unprepared and wanted to experience the water without getting their street clothes wet.

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