Worth a Try

We had taken a long walk in a state park. I got very warm while walking. When we got back to the parking lot, it was almost empty. Since I had driven quite a bit today, my wife offered to drive back. It was later than I expected, so we were a anxious to get back.
Me "I want to get my shirt off before I buckle my seat belt and I can take my shoes and socks off while you are driving."
Wife "You can take it all off before I start."
I took off my shirt and footwear. I unbuckled my belt and started to unbutton my shorts.
Wife "You know that isn't what I meant."
Me "But it is what you said."
To avoid a confrontation, I buttoned my top shorts button and buckled my belt .

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RE:Worth a Try

I'm not allowed to be naked with Mar in the car, and I don't see that changing soon - unfortunately

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RE:Worth a Try

I did once three years ago from Key West to Key largo since its mostly single lane. Wife let me cos my clothes were wet. We were coming back from Fantasy FestShe drove but did not drive nude. Worked out well for me

Is that the only time you have driven nude with your wife in the car?
Do you drive nude when you are alone?

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