Driving Naked

Nude drive Florida

Just drove (as passenger) ftom Tampa cruise terminal to Cocoa , nude. My loving wife graciously encourages my nudity , she prefers to be clothed. It was about two hour ride.

Driving naked to a nude resort/camp.

I always wondered about driving naked to and from a nude place. I started to go to a nude camp. Watching everyone to see how things are. One time, i was lounging on a chair and a truck pulled up. The guy got out quickly, completley naked. I thought,...

Gas and rest room stops

A very few people have mentioned doing this nude. Has anyone else tried it? If so, how did it work out?

NT - Australia

I was in the NT the other week, and had an opportunity to drive naked for a while. So, roughly 300 km later, Id driven from Katherine to Darwin nude. I drove straight to Casuraina Beach, so I didnt even bother putting my shorts on until I got out of...

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Finally Did It.

Drove home from band nude tonight. Sat on a towel in case I needed cover. Took my shirt and footwear off quickly but waited until the parking lot was empty to drop the shorts. Took the route on back roads instead of driving through towns. Freeing...

Driving Buddy

Im in. The south east of England and looking for a bud to go driving with. It would help to take better photos as driving and taking is not a good idea

Where to undress and redress

For me, driving nude is the easy part. It's about where to undress and re-dress that causes me concern. When on the freeway (I-5 in Oregon), I have undressed while driving. I will admit it is very dangerous, as I have to momentarily unbuckle my...


I have drove around resort a good bit, after a relaxing weekend on a Sunday evening,I just could not get back in my clothes (such a bummer) I drove a hour and half home. Even went drive thru for a milk shake.lol! Got hooked !!

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Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting...

I am posting this in several groups just to let you know. I guess all nudists have to start somewhere. Mine started at a young age, seeking quiet places to strip and experience being nude. Before long, the inside of the home became boring; it was...

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I am more interested in the idea of driving naked now. I dont have my truck anymore though. Its set up higher and I felt more secure not being seen. I would not get completely naked, but could at least free ball and adjust my shorts so that I was...