Weather Dares

Not exactly a specific dare but in it's own way it is. Here in Indiana we have been cautioned for a couple of days that today the conditions would
be ripe for severe spring weather. Thunderstorms , hail, high winds, even tornadoes are possible to likely.
My question is do you put clothes until the danger passes or do you ride out whatever comes sans clothes? I tend to ride it out naked figuring if a tornado hits a pair of shorts won't mean much anyways.

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RE:Weather Dares

Much as I prefer to be completely sans clothing, I think I'd get dressed if I was under a tornado warning. I'd want all the protection I could get in that situation.

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RE:Weather Dares

For weather events, except floods , people are generally encouraged to shelter in place, so there is no need for clothing.
The trickier situation is non weather catastrophes, like earthquakes and fires, which require a fast exit with little or no warning.
There have been numerous reports of people escaping a collapsing or burning building wrapped in a sheet or completely nude.

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