Daring Nudists!!


My mind just flashed back to a time when I was hiking, not nude, but with genitals fully exposed. This was before I considered myself to be a nudist. I just enjoying being nude. I was hiking in an area where I was certain I would not encounter...

Naked Beach Run

Excited for my first nude beach run/walk of this summer. tomorrow morning :) Should be nice. Who else enjoys a naked beach run? Oh it is a public beach. Adam

Naked in Kansas is legal

Hello! So this is a question. I've learned that it's legal to be naked in Kansas and just wanted to know if anyone has been naked in public with out getting in trouble? Asking because I'm interested in trying it the next time I'm in...

The sky is the limit

What is the craziest thing you can ever imagine doing while nude? Let your imagination soar and lets have some fun with this

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by swl2jo 
Going through the drive thru naked

Today on my way home from work I was driving naked like I normally do and I wanted to get something to eat but I didn't want to put my clothes back on. So I decided to go through the drive thru naked. The ladie that gave me my food didn't...

Does the potential of getting caught turn...

If you are doing some daring nudity. Does the possibility that you could be seen/caught turn you on? And have you been caught before?

Spiritual Friends

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight guy from Brazil, nudist for 10 years now. I'd like to connect with other straight Christian bros to chat about nudism based on our faith, fully naked the way our Lord created us to be. Feel free to add me...

Roadside work.

Between the front garden fence/hedge and the lane there is a narrow strip of land (so called grass) which I cut with the lawn mower (clothed) but at our entrance end there is a mound of soil which I haven't got levelled yet so unable to cut with...

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daring nudists things

for me being an exhibitionist nudist for all my life i have done alot of things naked even though its not aloud legally i drive naked walk around town naked do my garden work naked basiclly anything ill do naked just for the sake of it and its good...

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