I guess it depends on which rain

I have enjoyed being nude in light, warm rains many times, like in Hawaii. But I live in the north woods, and a lot of my hiking is on remote trails in the national forests up here. I am pretty good about checking weather conditions, but a couple of times I missed the mark. Once I had driven far into the woods on a forest road to do some hiking when a surprise storm came up. Hike interrupted, and when I was driving out I encountered a large tree branch that had fallen across the road. I got out (still nude) to try and move it. Not a budge. I really thought I was stuck because it was pretty remote. But a few minutes later a pickup with two guys and a chain saw pulled up behind me. When I saw the truck approaching I ducked into the car to dress but am sure they saw me nude. Anyway, they got the road passable in no time, and in the end, lucky me--no tree fell on me or my car, and I didn't even have a big delay. And I guess I normalized nudity for some loggers.

Another time, on an equally remote forest road, a rain which wasn't predicted suddenly came up while I was pretty well into my hike. The light pleasant rain at the start turned into a cooler harder rain which turned into pelting big drops and eventually dime size hail. By that time I was sprinting for the car. So I think I'll just wait for nice warm gentle rains in tropical climates.

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