Making it work well

When I was going to go from being vegetarian to being vegan, I went to a pizza place where I heard plant-based pizza was available, or maybe it was made known as vegan pizza, with daiya cheese. I wanted to be sure I could have pizza that was about as good as pizza with dairy cheese. It passed for that, to my recollection, it is ironic that I rarely had pizza since, and not at all recently. I wanted to find such nondairy cheese at the store I've been going to, but didn't find it any time soon. I was still managing to stick with not having any animal products, and fortunately from my perspective I found hummus, and was loving it. At first I didn't know what to do with it, so I was taking bites of it by itself. I soon realized it was too good to use up that way, it could help many meals and foods I had, and I have been using it for many things since then, and it never concerned me again if I was not getting anything for cheese anymore. I did give nutritional yeast a chance, while I had some I bought, but honestly it wasn't doing much for food I had with it. I love hummus so much more. The best sauce I ever had, I can tell you, is hummus and medium salsa together with some preferred seasonings.

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