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When I was going to go from being vegetarian to being vegan, I went to a pizza place where I heard plant-based pizza was available, or maybe it was made known as vegan pizza, with daiya cheese. I wanted to be sure I could have pizza that was about as good as pizza with dairy cheese. It passed for that, to my recollection, it is ironic that I rarely had pizza since, and not at all recently. I wanted to find such nondairy cheese at the store I've been going to, but didn't find it any time soon. I was still managing to stick with not having any animal products, and fortunately from my perspective I found hummus, and was loving it. At first I didn't know what to do with it, so I was taking bites of it by itself. I soon realized it was too good to use up that way, it could help many meals and foods I had, and I have been using it for many things since then, and it never concerned me again if I was not getting anything for cheese anymore. I did give nutritional yeast a chance, while I had some I bought, but honestly it wasn't doing much for food I had with it. I love hummus so much more. The best sauce I ever had, I can tell you, is hummus and medium salsa together with some preferred seasonings.

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RE:Making it work well

Eating vegan is fine as long as good nutrition is attended to, which can be somewhat challenging with vegan because our soils are so depleted in nutrients, far worse than most anyone understands. Animal products contain a few things the plants are supposed to have but don't very much due to soil deficiency which the agriculturalists are ignoring. Only very rarely is a grower really doing the research and pulling together all the natural mineral products needed to restore the soil fertility and get those plants back into high density and balanced nutrition. When they do that the damaging insects and diseases leave. The flavor enhances substantially also. It takes a lot more input to grow things so high in nutrient density but it's well worth doing. Then one can eat it and have wonderful health, eat it raw and all diseases vanish and age reversal starts happening for awhile I've heard. Rest requirement reduces and physical endurance climbs. A young athlete tried it and found he could run further and further without fatigue until he ran 100 miles per day several days in a row. Amazing things are possible with raw vegan which few people realize. But few have avalible the variety of nutrient dense food needed to do it. Best solution is grow it. But that takes a lot of doing also, It's a lot more than just stirring up some dirt and planting something. I've been working toward setting up to do it better for years. Getting some garden in now, but it still not nearly what I want. I'm working on things that will hopefully make it possible to start powering and heating greenhouses soon. It's far too expensive to do it in ordinary ways. Have to come up with a way to do it and keep it at very low maintenance expense. The conventional ways are like pushing an overloaded cart uphill. Let up the push and it takes off backwards.

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