RE:Bianca's antics 3 - Is Nudism a Religion?

Hello from Australia.
I must admit I just glanced through your post as I have not the time to read ot all.
I discussed NATURISM AS A RELIGION, in two of my blog posts, feel free to check them out...
In April 24, 2023 & February 03, 2023
Here the official definition of religion , accepted by the government is very different from your, and can allowed to have Naturism recognised as a religion should someone wish to register it as such...
If someone was to do so and Naturism become a religion in Australia, it will set a precedent for the rest of the world and in time could be / should be adopted around the world. In doing so it will get the necessary recognition to grow our ranks but also allow us to stop the discrimination and request decriminalisation of public nudity, allowing us to practice our religion whenever PPE and hygiene reasons do not prevent it.

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