Warm Sun, cool rain

There is an neglected, completely devoid of joggers and hikers, in a large and wooded metro park. Park Rangers don't seem to be around. It's on the other side of an old sled slope. If you far enough back very few people can't see you from the trail.
I go there frequently to take a nude selfie. Last summer I got caught in a heavy downpour. If I would've had a bar of soap, I could've taken a shower. I just walked around feeling the natural sensation of wind, rain, and water running down my front. I knew not a soul would've been out in that weather.

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RE:Warm Sun, cool rain

I've got a place just like that near me. During storm season the park empties in the late afternoon before the showers roll through and I pretty much have the place to myself. I love hiking in the rain without clothes to cling to me.

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